Freelance Digital Editor

  • 114 W 41st St, New York, NY 10036, USA
  • Part-time

Job Description

What You Get to Do

Experience as a copy editor and writer, preferably for a financial publisher. SEO and financial acumen also necessary. High attention to detail and accuracy required.


This freelance editor role will be tasked with updating and improving our content through a variety of editorial strategies, including:

  • Rewriting existing content to make current or relevant for today’s reader, using real world contextual examples and current statistics and analysis.
  • Merging content from a variety of articles to create a comprehensive piece into which existing articles will be redirected.
  • SEO edits: Improving an article’s overall optimization for its designated keyword phrase by ensuring a varied use of relevant keywords.
  • Making the piece as good as, and ideally better, than competitor articles that rank higher and read better
  • Lengthening an article by adding text that improves depth, quality and originality
  • Ensuring that the article fully answers the user’s query, is up-to-date/accurate and delivers on the keyword phrase
  • Correcting grammar/spelling/punctuation and factual errors


What You Bring to Us

  • Experience as a digital editor
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Ability to use Excel and a CMS
  • Knowledge of journalistic best practices and style
  • Impeccable spelling, grammar and syntax
  • Knowledge of finance and business


Additional Information

About Investopedia:

Investopedia is the world’s largest financial education platform, serving over 30 million unique visitors each month. Since 1999, it has been our mission to empower the investing and financial community with the knowledge to make intelligent financial decisions. Since joining IAC in 2014, we have entered an investment period and are rapidly expanding our content while introducing new tools to further cater to our most sophisticated audiences.

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