Node.js Platform Developer Intern

  • Oakland, CA
  • Intern

Company Description

About IAC Publishing

IAC Publishing brings together a collection of the web’s most trusted brands to create one of the largest digital publishers in the world, reaching more than 100 million US users a month. With distinct and influential voices, our media brands touch millions of discerning adults and actively engaged millennials, each one offering advertisers a variety of unique and creative ways to make a lasting impression.

Job Description

Do you have a passion for server-side development? Would you like to understand the performance of systems at web scale? Come join the platform team and help create instrumentation and troubleshooting tools for our new node.js platform. You’ll join a group of senior developers who are responsible for a new application platform that supports the family of websites. Ideally you have solid CS foundational knowledge and are eager to be a contributor. If that sounds interesting to you, apply for our internship!


Your degree should be focused in computer science or related and have a focus with at least one object-orientated development language, strong practice for writing good code, curiosity for new technology and openness to learning how to scale code and work in teams to produce the best application, platform and website possible!

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We are an equal opportunity employer. 

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