Strategy Execution Evangelist

  • Herald Ave, Coventry, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

i-nexus is a FTSE AIM listed software company based in Coventry. We make a highly configurable web-based product which is used by some of the world’s largest companies to manage their strategy.

Job Description

i-nexus, the global leader in cloud based strategy execution software for larger enterprises, is seeking an energetic Process Excellence professional with exceptional communication skills for a unique role as a Strategy Execution Evangelist. 

As a Strategy Execution Evangelist your role will be to help create the bridge between executives who recognise the need to improve their ability to execute strategy and those same executives understanding exactly how a business system based on CI/Daily Management and Hoshin/Breakthrough Management – similar to that implemented by standout performers like Danaher, UTC and Toyota – can help them out-execute their competition. 

Demanding a deep understanding of the challenges of executing strategy in a larger organisations, this role will suit an energetic Lean or Six Sigma trained professional with a flair for verbal and written communication who wants to develop themselves into an internationally recognised thought leader and who has the ambition and drive necessary to take a leading role in building the largest community of strategy execution professionals in the world. 

At its heart, this role is fundamentally about finding or creating engaging content (of all types) that is so compelling that it makes senior executives and Process Excellence professionals at all levels want to learn more about strategy execution best practices and ultimately want to establish a strategy execution system within their organisation based on these best practices. 

With access to leading practitioners and thought leaders in i-nexus customers and partners, the right candidate will have the resourcefulness and creativity needed to find, create or cocreate (with other practitioners) an on-going series of content pieces (videos, white papers, blogs, articles, presentations, e-books), that combine together into an integrated education program that helps executives in larger organisations understand what a strategy execution system is, why they need one and how to start building one.

Whilst, being new, it is likely this game-changing role will evolve over time, the key responsibilities include: 

  • Continually sourcing content from leading practitioners and other thought leaders to add to the StratEx hub ( – the largest “free to access” repository of strategy execution related content on the web. 
  • Forward planning a comprehensive program of “thought leadership” content production that ensures there is always 2-3 new pieces of relevant content produced in each month that can be used to encourage Executives and Process Excellence professionals to join the StratEx Community.
  • Creating and/or co-creating (with internal i-nexus domain experts and leading practitioners from i-nexus customers and consulting partner or with external copy writers) the key content pieces in line with this Content Production Schedule. 
  • Working with Customer Success Managers and Deployment Leaders within i-nexus Customers to create Customer Case-studies and Video Case-studies (using third parties where necessary). 
  • Preparing and running a series of regular webinars and supporting i-nexus partners in running webinars that showcase strategy execution best practices and i-nexus. 
  • Managing the on-going creation of blog posts (sourced from i-nexus employees) and where possible leveraging these blog posts (using third parties where necessary) to create additional content (pulse articles, pod casts, white papers) in multiple formats that can be used to improve i-nexus web-site ranking. 
  • Continually building the access i-nexus has to acquire and publish content within LinkedIn and other relevant social media networks by establishing content partnerships with other non-competitive players in the strategy execution market.


The ideal candidate for this role will have a number of qualities that will enable them to succeed in this role:

• A highly effective communicator – the ideal candidate will have the ability to express complex concepts in a simple and succinct way both verbally and in writing. 

• An effective planner with a strong/relentless focus on execution – the ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate that they don’t just have the intellect needed to identify the right content, but that they have the energy and drive needed to ensure that content gets created in line with the plan. 

• Solid experience working with senior management/executives to implement transformation in a large organisation. The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of practical experience applying process excellence methods to improve products and/or processes or transform operations. Key from this experience will be the ability to speak with executives and other process excellence professionals in a language that they understand and to understand the challenges organisations face in executing strategy.

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