Glazier Job Ottawa

  • 5380 Canotek Rd, Ottawa, ON K1J 1H7, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Honey Glass and Windows is growing!


Honey Construction Ltd. is located in Ottawa and has been in the construction business for 31 years! Throughout this time, we have built outstanding client relations, have a reputation for high quality of work, and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Our established and well known construction company specializes in small and large construction projects for commercial buildings repairs, renovations, design and fit ups. At this stage of the company we are looking to grow and expand our business.

Job Description

Glaziers measure, handle, cut, prepare, fit, install, replace and repair all types of glass and glass substitutes, typically in commercial, residential and transportation applications. In commercial applications, they fabricate and install curtain wall framing, aluminium storefront frames and entrances, structural silicone glazing (SSG), skylights and sloped glazing. In residential applications, they install doors and windows. In transportation applications, glaziers repair and replace glass products. Glaziers also install specialty glass products such as glass railings, smoke baffles, shower enclosures, and glass and mirror walls. Other duties include layout, preparation, fabrication and replacement of architectural metal components in systems such as entrance ways, windows, skylights and curtain walls


  1. Control workplace hazards
  2. OHSA familiarity
  3. Use Global Harmonized System 2015 (WHIMIS) Certification
  4. Use personal protective equipment
  5. Practice fire prevention
  6. Apply Level 1 First Aid practices
  7. Use fall protection systems
  8. Interpret drawings and specifications
  9. Use codes, regulations, and standards
  10. Apply manufacturer and supplier documentation
  11. Apply trade math
  12. Plan sequence of work
  13. Handle materials
  14. Communicate with others

Additional Information


  • Use hand tools
  • Use portable power tools
  • Use stationary power tools
  • Use layout and measuring equipment
  • Use ladders and scaffolds
  • Use rigging and hoisting equipment
  • Operate mobile access equipment
  • Fabricate storefront systems
  • Fabricate window systems
  • Fabricate curtain walls
  • Fabricate skylights and sloped glazing systems
  • Fabricate commercial entrance systems
  • Fabricate guardrail, handrail and balustrade systems
  • Perform glass cutting and edge treatment
  • Install storefront systems
  • Install window systems
  • Install curtain walls
  • Install skylights and sloped glazing systems
  • Install commercial entrance systems
  • Install guardrail, handrail and balustrade systems
  • Install building envelope membranes
  • Install flashing
  • Use caulking and sealants
  • Lay out residential window and door systems
  • Glaze residential window and doors
  • Install residential skylights and solariums
  • Install shower enclosures, mirrors and back painted glass
  • Install guardrail, handrail and balustrade systems
  • Install residential windows, doors, frames and hardware
  • Lay out specialty glass and products
  • Assemble specialty glass and products
  • Install custom glazing systems
  • Service commercial window and door systems
  • Service residential window and door systems

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