Business Intelligence Analytics Consultant

  • Calgary, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Hitachi Solutions is a core IT Company of the Hitachi Group, which employs over 330,000 people worldwide. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi Solutions' reach extends to group companies in Japan and abroad, working with a worldwide network of alliance partners. Through systems integration, we strive to provide ideal solutions and products to customers in a diverse set of countries and regions including Asia, North America and Europe. Using a portfolio of management consulting, implementation, and support services, we help our clients compete with the largest global enterprises leveraging powerful, affordable, and easy to use industry solutions built on Microsoft technologies. Our vision is to help you achieve your vision through superior products, prices, and people.

Job Description

Position Summary

We are seeking experienced consultants with knowledge of the Microsoft data ecosystem to join our growing Analytics Practice to service clients around the globe. Candidates will be responsible for helping our customers empower their businesses through the efficient and effective use of data using the latest Microsoft solutions. We're looking for individuals with experience implementing end-to-end solutions:


  • Advanced Analytics
  • MS SQL Server Data Platform
  • Data Warehouse / Tabular or Cube / Reports
  • Solid understanding of SQL Server DB including Stored Procedures, Functions, Execution plan
  • Solid understanding of Kimball’s Data Warehousing architecture
  • ETL experience with SSIS
  • Troubleshooting and excellent problem solving skills are a must!


  • Power BI and Cortana Analytic Cloud Solutions


Candidate Qualities

Leadership & Attitude

All candidates should possess an attitude of lifetime learning to stay abreast of the latest technologies and practices.

Technical & Analytical

Candidates must have analytical and problem solving skills in addition to a good grasp of both the technical and business factors of consulting.


Candidates must have strong communication skills that allow them to frequently interact with their clients and staff, as well as with specialists from related technical fields.

Candidates should possess strong written and verbal communication skills and be able communicate with confidence in any situation.

Specific requirements for all candidates:

· Development skills for manipulating and managing data

· Skills in solution design, requirements and/or development

· Experience and appreciation for producing documentation

· Ability or desire to train and mentor others

· Strong sense of pride, ownership and teamwork

· Highly motivated to be the best at what you do

Ability to travel both domestically and internationally