Senior Data Analyst

  • Full-time

Company Description

We strive to create a work environment that is both challenging and supportive, allowing our employees to grow and excel with our company. We believe that our people are our most valuable assets, and we are committed to invest in their personal and professional development through our mentoring system.

We are proud of our teams and colleagues, as well as we are proud of the hundreds of data solutions we have built over the years.  We wish to be proud of you, too.

Job Description

What will you do?

  • You will talk to the business side of clients, and help them discover what is or would be possible with their data, model their business with numbers, define technical requirements, work alongside them making sense of their figures, and take part in testing data from a business perspective.
  • You will either be the lead on one or two projects at a time, or join a senior technical colleague – depending on the needs of the given client.
  • We expect you to be a technically aware Data Analyst at heart: thrive to derive business value from existing data and look for opportunities to line up more data for more business value. You are expected to have a very business-oriented mindset and, at the same time, be at home in spreadsheets, explorative dashboarding, understand SQL, and perhaps even some Python. You are not expected to build production data pipelines, though.
  • You will work with technical Analytics Engineers who design, develop, and run the pipelines that provide you with raw data, as well as data processed to your definitions.
  • Sprint-by-sprint you take part in delivering solutions that please the client and result in measurable value on their side.
  • Finally we celebrate with you, and help you move on to the next challenge that advances your personal and professional development.
  • Your line manager is the Head of Analytics Engineering team with whom you usually touch bases a couple times a week.

Typical tasks include:

  • Understand the client’s business model, their current issues, and how they map their business to data.  Help them make sense of and verify their data and assumptions.
  • Create a roadmap for the client and lead them along. Devise and/or revise data analytics practices for the specific situation to help the client to advance towards their business goals.
  • Define work for the technical Analytics Engineers.
  • Make sure that the delivered solution is both meaningful as well as correct.



  • An overall thrive to take part in creating data-centric business solutions.
  • Exceptional communication skills combined with a client-centric mindset.
  • Data analytics background: sound conceptual and practical business understanding, coupled with implementation capability. You must have demonstrated end-user and technical exposure, and business impact over several projects in different industries. As an orientation, you are likely to have 3+ intensive years as a data analyst.
  • Being able to work with business-oriented data models in both spreadsheets and databases. Querying in SQL, and managing even rather complex Excel/Google Sheets as a matter of course.
  • Strong conversational and business English (oral, reading and writing). This will be your working language.

Personal Traits:

  • Team player, dependable, delivers on promise
  • Business orientation to understand both the client’s and Hiflylabs’ business
  • Proactive in finding solutions
  • Eager to learn and improve 

Additional Information


  • International projects, diverse challenges – Through Hiflylabs’ global nature you can work with clients and partners from all over the world. Are you ready for projects in New York, the Netherlands, Sweden, or Scotland?
  • Advanced technologies - While immersing yourself in mind-blowing projects and tasks, you’ll discover cutting-edge tools & technologies.
  • Empowerment - Trust is a cornerstone of our culture. We'll hold your hand if you need it, but give you space if you’d like to push your limits. Don't lose sight of the goal, the rest is up to you. 
  • Flexible ways of working – We love our location on Bartók Béla Road which is not only an office but also a community space. However, we respect our people to do their work when and how it works best. 
  • Balanced life - We love what we do and aim to work together with others who do their work with love. At the same time, we highly value fresh minds, for which we think a healthy work/life balance is essential! Forget about pointless meetings and unnecessary administration.
  • Mentoring from your first day – Continuous support is not just a set of fancy words we throw around here; your mentor follows you throughout your career path.
  • Learning & Development opportunities - If you want to keep learning and improving, we are on to a great track! We look forward to helping you unlock your potential.
  • Supportive corporate culture - In addition to our professional success, we are proud of the social cohesion that is based on comradery, mutual support, and respect and is constantly nurtured in the company.
  • Lots of fun – The Hiflylabs’ community is made up of more than 180+ open-minded people from different backgrounds but with shared values. We have a lot of fun together, we’ve already booked your place for the next wine tasting, FIFA & foosball tournament.
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