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Company Description

About the company

Hiflylabs is a Budapest-based company. We have 170+ employees at this moment and we are constantly thriving. Our application development team and business intelligence experts work to provide effective solutions to business problems.

Our professional team has proved its expertise through 10 years of experience, participating in multiple Business Intelligence projects - both Hungarian and international - in various industries, such as the financial, telecommunication and energy sectors.

We deliver a wide portfolio of innovative business solutions that include Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics. In the last few years we have acquired a high level of competence in Application Development.

Our Digital Product Development team works on web and mobile projects, the main technologies used are Angular, React, NodeJS, .NET, Java Spring Boot, Kotlin and Swift.

Hiflylabs is committed to innovation, and encourages the realization of innovative initiatives in the form of independent startups.

Get an insight on how we work and check out our Website, LinkedIn page and YouTube channel!

Job Description


  • Develop web applications in a team (solutions based on using the newest technologies)
  • Design and estimate user stories, participate in the system design
  • Design user interfaces and functions as planned
  • Participate in product roadmap design
  • Recognize different industries, developing applications which are used in the environment of small and large companies
  • Write unit and end-to-end tests, participate in developer testing
  • Stay up to date with current technology trends in web development


Personal Traits

  • Process driven with a keen eye for detail and quality
  • Team player with a positive, friendly attitude
  • Eager to learn and improve
  • Proactive in finding solutions
  • Customer focused attitude


  • 3+ years of experience in web development
  • Intermediate proficiency in English (both written and oral)
  • Overall knowledge of the Angular framework (eg.: performance; component, pipe, service types and their life cycles; forms, change detection; SSR)
  • HTML, SASS, UI framework knowledge (eg.: Bootstrap, Material, PrimeNG)
  • State management (eg.: NgRx, Akita)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of RxJS (eg.: observable and subject types, operators, error-handling)
  • Unit/E2E testing

Nice to have

  • Other frontend technologies (React, Vue.js)
  • Knowledge of backend technologies (NodeJS, .Net Core, Java)
  • Microservices
  • DevOps, Cloud, Serverless
  • Experience/Interest in other platforms, eg.: cross-platform, mobile development

Additional Information

Why us?

  • Diverse projects: In each assignment there is always something new either on the technical or on the business side that helps you grow.
  • Cutting edge technology: You will work with many of the most up-to-date technologies and tools.
  • Strong and motivating team: We stress the importance of working together in tight-knit, cohesive teams in which members help each other to reach the common goal.
  • Work-life balance: We help you to feel good individually as well, and coordinate work so as it should align with your leisure activities.
  • Professional development: There are team gatherings on a regular schedule where colleagues can share their knowledge, and have deep technical discussions.
  • Focus on company culture: In addition to our business and professional achievements we are proud of the social bonding in the company, which is based on mutual respect and helping one another.
  • Personal mentoring: You will have your own mentor (just like everybody at Hiflylabs) who you can turn to with professional issues as well as with personal ones.
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