Service Technician

  • Falls Church, VA, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description


Excellence, service, a resident-first approach, and an ownership mentality. These are the bedrock values that influence every Hercules Living interaction, no matter how large or small. The dedicated professionals at Hercules Living are trained to ensure all residents receive the same extraordinary service, every time – no matter the type of community. We understand that little things can make a big difference to our residents’ comfort, happiness, and peace of mind. That’s why we make sure each apartment and community is always clean, comfortable, and well maintained. At Hercules Living, we partner with residents to transform apartments into homes, and complexes into communities.

Job Description

The Service Technician reports directly to the Service Manager. In coordination with the Service Manager he/she insures the physical operation and proper appearance of the community, both interior and exterior. The Service Technician must be CFC certified at least for Type II certification. He or she is responsible for exterior repair, preventative maintenance, interior repair (which includes turnover and occupied units), maintenance vehicle repair, inventory and its control, scheduling, grounds upkeep, etc. This, the qualified Service Technician does with expertise, and excellence. Some specific duties include:

• Maintaining the exterior appearance of the building, hallways, laundry rooms, clubhouse and grounds to be pleasing to the eye of prospective and present residents.

• Preparing vacancies for occupancy on a schedule coordinated with the Property Manager.

• Routine service requests should be completed within 24 hours of receipt unless they involve painting an occupied apartment or if parts must be ordered. Service work is to be completed correctly, creating minimum disturbance to the resident. 

• Return all service requests to the Property Manager upon completion. Leave a copy of the service request with the resident, stating what repairs were made.

• Maintain all community owned equipment in good working condition, i.e., lawn mowers, edgers, etc.

• Maintain an inventory list of tools, equipment and their location.

• Routine cleaning of the model/clubhouse.

• New government regulations require users of CFC’s to keep track of service requests and Freon purchases. Fines for non-compliance are substantial.


1. Use various hand tools and test equipment. These items may vary in weight from a few ounces to 40 pounds.

2. Use a 30-pound can of refrigerant for servicing of air conditioners.

3. Hand-carry and use a 70-pound refrigerant recovery unit.

4. Hand-carry and install air conditioning compressors-weight from 40 pounds to 120 pounds, depending upon the size of the condensing unit.

5. Hand-carry and install air conditioning condenser units-weight 100 to 250 pounds.

6. Hand-carry and install furnace/forced air unit – weight 90 pounds.

7. Hand-carry and install water heaters-weight 70 to 90 pounds, depending upon capacity. 8. Hand-carry and install commode/closet combination – weight 40 to 50 pounds.

9. You will be required to climb ladders in order to clean leaves out of gutters and complete roof repairs. Ladders required to perform this task will range from 16 to 40 feet in length and range in weight from 20 to 125 pounds. You will be required to lift and transport these ladders.

10. Use of a ladder is required to change out light bulbs in breezeways and on buildings. These ladders would range in weight from 10 to 125 pounds.

11. Changing panels of glass ranging in weight from 40 pounds is required and may require the use of a ladder to accomplish the task.

12. Pool maintenance is a big responsibility and often requires you to lift and/or transport 100-pound drums of granular chlorine, 50-pound drums of stick chlorine and 50 pound bags of soda ash or bicarbonate of soda. You are responsible for replacing pool pump room motors and pumps. These pumps and motors could range from 25 to 200 pounds, depending on the size required.

13. As part of your daily maintenance routine, you may be required to move appliances from one apartment to another apartment on opposite ends of the community. The appliance may be transported by means of a hand truck up one to three flights of steps. These appliances will range in weight from 76 to well over 200 pounds.

14. On occasion, you may be required to move furniture from one model apartment to another or move furniture items in a resident’s apartment to accomplish certain repairs or to correct flood damage. This would require that you move items weighing from several pounds to several hundred pounds.

15. During the course of your job, you may be involved in repairs to the building structure. You may be required to move or transport a number of different building-type materials t from several pounds to several hundred pounds.

16. At certain times, you will be required to perform maintenance on special equipment (i.e. exercise equipment, gas grills and amenity areas). All of these functions require different physical exertion and their weight depends on the particular equipment (usually in excess of 100 pounds).

17. You will be required to perform certain resident service functions or make upgrades to the apartment. An example would be to install lighting or ceiling fans. Both duties would require the work to be done using a stepladder and require lifting with two hands.

18. In addition to the above, you will be required to lift and transport other items pertaining to maintenance (weighing up to 200 pounds) for the smooth operation of the property.

19. A strong mechanical aptitude and the ability to learn quickly are necessary characteristics, but loyalty to the company, community and manager, and pride of doing a good job are natural and vital prerequisites to being a quality service person.

20. Duties include general repairs, grounds, apartment painting (if not contract painting), policing of the community, and abide by and enforce company policy regarding fair housing.

21. Must have reliable transportation to and from work (Requires a VALID driver’s license).

22. Make safety a priority.

23. Exceptional customer service.

Additional Information

Company Benefits:     
An exceptional benefits package which includes;     

  • Medical     
  • Dental     
  • Vision     
  • Paid holidays     
  • Vacation/Personal Leave     
  • 401K     
  • Life insurance     
  • Long term disability     
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)     
  • and more...</ul>     

*Potential for Incentives and Bonuses     
*Great opportunity with a growing organization.