Junior Backend Software Developer

  • Full-time

Company Description

Helin contributes to improving the efficiency and safety of remote operations. We excel in doing that as we enjoy solving complex technical puzzles. We combine our analytical way of problem solving with  empathy for all the stakeholders and business needs. Our expertise in advanced analytics and edge computing is a tool to develop innovative edge analytics solutions.

Helin has a strong focus on 24/7 and/or remote operations. These include industries like offshore wind & marine, equipment rental, agriculture, process industry. Their operations impose high-end requirements to the performance of analytics and monitoring. Our systems are deployed world-wide and often at remote locations. We combine domain knowledge, clever programming and thoughtful deployment throughout the whole process.

We have backgrounds in aerospace engineering, energy industry, renewables and the academic world. This makes us curious to understand exactly how things work and how they can be improved. We love to propose better alternatives in a constructive way. This requires empathy about existing bottlenecks, curiosity about domain knowledge, analytical problem solving skills and expertise in data analytics and software development. And some politics. If these aspects excite you, we’d love to talk to you!

Job Description

As Junior Backend Software Developer it is your responsibility to successfully realize innovative data storage & analytics software and CI/CD projects within our software development team. This means amongst other things:

  • Translating client requirements into working software code for data systems and environments;
  • Devising, developing and achieving innovations in the area of edge to cloud data processing and storage tools and integrations for large international clients;
  • Co-developing (innovative) technical solutions with colleagues and clients in the area of edge to cloud real time data systems, IT network systems and machine learning for remote operations;
  • Developing, testing and maintaining software code.


For a permanent addition to our ambitious and close-knit team, we are looking for someone who wants to work with us on growing and developing our company.

You have strong strategic and conceptual skills and proven experience backend software development projects in all project stages, from development, test up to production software projects within the real time data Industry.

The following suits you:

  • You can work independently as part of a team and in a structured way; you ask your colleagues to help; you dare to make mistakes and to learn from them;
  • You have knowledge on analytics products and platforms; knowledge in TimescaleDB system is a strong plus point; if you are not an expert, you are planning to become one;
  • You have at least 1 year of proven experience in and knowledge of Python and/or SQL; NoSQL is a plus;
  • Experiences with C++,  Dotnet Core, PostgreSQL, Timescale DB, Grafana and writing APIs using Swagger is a plus;
  • Your knowledge and experience with Azure DevOps or any other CI/CD pipeline tools is a plus
  • You have experience with any of the following architecture components: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, YAML, Confluent and Azure Cloud platform or the willingness to learn
  • You have affinity with Angular, Java Script and Cloud platforms; experience in Linux is a plus;
  • You have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree from a technical study with a passion to solve puzzles. At least 1 year of experience in software development is a plus.

Additional Information

Do you recognize yourself in this job description and do you get excited about its challenges? Then, you are the Junior Backend Developer we are looking for! Please respond directly, either in English or in Dutch.

For more information about Helin, the vacancy and the application process, please visit www.helindata.com, call the recruitment department on +31 880 185 185!

Please note, that only candidates with a valid EU work visa will be considered as viable candidates. An online assessment and screening form part of the recruitment process.

Helin does not approve of commercial, contractor and/or agency acquisition or commercial use of this advertisement. Proposing candidates without invitation is not appreciated and will not be considered by Helin.