Product Marketing Associate, Lend an Arm

  • 6C, Adenuga Street, Kongi, Old Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

Healthbotics limited is a digital health technology startup headquartered in Ibadan, Oyo state of South West Nigeria. We are a company building software solutions, and leveraging hardware innovations, to allow patients, including those in remote places, get access to quality healthcare. We help hospitals see more patients, doctors save more lives, and patients access healthcare hassle-free. Our company has two independent product offerings:

  • Lend an Arm: a holistic blood supply solution, using a mobile application, a call center, and AI chatbot, to connect hospitals and blood donors to blood banks; handling blood request and executing deliveries using dispatch Motorcycles, and medium-range BVLOS delivery drones. Lend an Arm allows Hospitals (even in remote places) access blood & blood products in emergencies 24/7 all year round, with the push of a button.
  • Mediverse: an AI-assisted Electronic Health Record suite for keeping hospital records of patients, that provides Doctors with a virtual digital assistant who provides support to them at all stages of patient care - clinical documentation, prescription, treatment analysis, and prognosis assessment.

Our company is 9 months old, founded by a group of friends who were classmates in medical school, and we currently serve over 10 hospitals at secondary and tertiary levels of care. We are a multi-award winning venture - top 30 at the WHO Africa Innovation Challenge, Winners of the Africa App Launchpad Cup 2020, Winners of the ITU AI for Development Challenge 2020, Winners of the US Chamber of Commerce Digital Innovation of the Year Award 2020, Featured Innovation of the UNAIDS 2020 Health Innovation Exchange, Finalists at the African Young Innovator for Health Award 2021 and recipient of the 2021 Princess Diana Awards for social ventures, among other prestigious accolades.

Job Description

We are recruiting a Product Marketing Associate for Lend an Arm. We're looking for a brilliant marketer, with a background in product-led growth at new B2B SaaS companies, to help acquire, engage, and retain Nigeria's most ambitious hospital brands.

This Product Marketing role at Healthbotics will involve work across the entire Lend an Arm product lifecycle - from generating customer insights that inform product positioning, to creating and executing go-to-market campaigns for this product offering.

As the Product Marketing Associate, you will organize and execute marketing campaigns that generate leads, which will be seamlessly handed over to the sales team for conversion. You will also be tasked with work on customer retention and feedback garnering. You will partner closely with the Product, Engineering, and Sales associates to help shape product, and drive adoption.

The ideal candidate will have a good background designing and executing high-impact marketing campaigns at technology companies, with good experience implementing and evaluating quantitative, product-led growth experiments. The candidate will be mostly described by his/her friends as "Brilliant" because of their ability to creatively solve problems

This is an exciting time to join Healthbotics. We are at the beginning of our journey - launching in our first market, and signing up our first customers - and we're looking for a marketer who appreciates the value of product-led growth to help connect our target customer segments with the tools they need to see more patients, and save more lives


This is a remote-friendly, full-time role, and you'll report directly to the Chief Marketing Officer.


  • Have experience in B2B marketing and working closely with product development, and sales teams. It will be critical that you have skills to design and create content.
  • Have background knowledge of healthcare systems and how they operate
  • Have experience marketing technical products where users are mostly not technologically savvy.
  • Are a master communicator, able to articulate ideas clearly and compellingly, in both oral and written formats.
  • A creative digital artiste, able to create visually compelling images that convey product value to customers
  • Have experience in performance marketing / paid acquisition.
  • Enjoy cross-functional, collaborative projects that involve several stakeholders.
  • Can work independently with little or no prompts
  • Have deep empathy for entrepreneurs. You genuinely enjoy speaking often with ambitious business owners whose ideas about "best practice" may be a little outdated; and you take every opportunity to deeply understand their needs. You enjoy figuring out how to solve their problems and remove the bottlenecks impeding their growth.
  • Excited about revolutionizing an industry as set in its ways as the healthcare industry.
  • Enjoy digging into the numbers to glean quantitative insight. You pair this with informed intuition to guide your decisions.

Additional Information

Why we are Special?

  1. We are a family team, because we are young and early in our journey, you will be joining a team of friends, as a friend. Our close-knit group makes it feel like a team sport, and not work.
  2. We save lives. Our work on Lend an Arm has till date been directly responsible for saving over 1000 lives, directly responsible. So, that's exactly what you become when you join us, a lifesaver, literally.
  3. Cool and Fun Activities/Hangouts cos we take time out regularly to celebrate our wins, each person's win is our win, so you can bet we will be chilling together (virtually/physically) very often.
  4. We are invested in your growth, and commit financially to helping you acquire job-skills, formal qualifications and certifications in your domain that will help you level up to the next phase.

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