Clinical Support Specialist

  • East London, United Kingdom

Job Description

FluCamp is all about improving the health of the population, through increasing the understanding around common viral illnesses – like the common cold and flu. Ultimately, the more that we understand about how viruses affect the human immune system, the more quickly we can find and test better ways to treat them. The end goal of clinical trials like those we conduct at FluCamp is to potentially eradicate these common illnesses completely – or at least make treatment of them as easy and effective as possible.

Volunteers are central to the work that we do. Our studies focus on testing new treatments on real people, in a safe, controlled, clinical environment. 

As a Clinical Support Specialist you will perform clinical assessments and data gathering on subjects applying to take part as well as those participating our clinical trials.

You will provide support to the multidisciplinary team in the planning of daily clinic activities such as panel screening and study specific screening activities in accordance with current regulatory, ICH-GCP standards and requirements. You will also be responsible for sample processing and sample dispatch from external hVIVO clinical trial sites.

Key responsibilities;

  • Screening suitable subjects
  • Perform study specific assessment such as taking vital signs, ECG’s and venepuncture & spirometry
  • Promote volunteer safety and wellbeing
  • Ensure accuracy and credibility of data gathered
  • Sample collection and management
  • Responsible for ensuring temperature monitoring is recorded, reported and maintained in accordance with internal SOP’s
  • Act as the volunteer advocate during the study participation.
  • Assist with the daily management of the clinic
  • Ensure competency in performing their daily task
  • Involvement in the planning the daily clinic activities
  • Liaise with the recruitment officers for the daily schedule of volunteers visit
  • Assist in the supervision and training of new ancillary staff in the screening clinical environment as required.