Technical Product Owner for Decoupling & Microservices team at H&M Group

  • Liljeholmstorget, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Full-time
  • Department: H&M Group

Company Description

We at H&M really believe in creating a fantastic customer experience and to be able to do that, we need a fantastic online platform. Now hiring a Technical Product owner to our Decoupling & Microservices team. You will be a key enabler in managing our supporting team that enables our transformation towards a decoupled infrastructure that allows independent teams to create customer value fast with high quality.

You will be part of customer domain in Business Tech Organization and report to Product Area Manager for Ecosystem Platform.

We strive to offer the best online experience for H&M customers by creating the best possible technical environment to enable our product teams to work independently on their product development. The H&M group has a strong need to constantly develop our online site adding new functionality, improve our service and decrease time to market to meet our customers' expectations of a smooth, seamless, and high-quality shopping experience. The work is done in close collaboration with other product areas/teams and global functions.

Job Description

A Technical Product Owner for an enabling team at H&M group develop the service offering (product) to product teams and guide them how to leverage the service to increase their technical capabilities, speed of development, product quality and time to market. Along the way, we collaborate with world class engineers and business experts to maximize each product’s impact on the world. You are expected to show strong customer empathy and have a deep understanding of the needs of the product teams as well as strong appreciation for technology. You will be leading a cross competent Global enabling team that works to improve the H&M groups digital experiences across different brands and different platforms.

Job Responsibility including but not limited to:

  • Set an ambitious and clear service vision and communicate it effectively to key stakeholders and the product team
  • Understand and contribute to the end-to-end team output strategy from inception to production
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure digital vision and service align within product strategy and requirements
  • Responsible for product or service specific KPIs once solution enters production and communicate regular tracking to stakeholders
  • Responsible for leading the Team while delivering exceptional customer and business results
  • Own and maintain the backlog while prioritizing the day-to-day day work of the product team based on the given targets and KPIs
  • Align with other Product Owners to ensure interfaces to other Products and common KPIs are maintained
  • Understand the financial impact of Team and Product related decisions
  • Utilize market and industry knowledge to translate user needs into user stories and acceptance criteria


  • Extensive knowledge in e-commerce and at least 3-5 years of experience from running complex and large-scale websites
  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience as a Product/Service Manager/Owner (or equivalent role) with outcome responsibility at growth-stage or enterprise company
  • Experience leading a software development team that is highly technical.
  • Understanding of Hybris systems, databases, application layers, front end and backend technologies so you can support development team with prioritizations.
  • Functional knowledge of Lean-Agile Development and methodologies as well as Service Vision Creation and Product Roadmap Development
  • Strong familiarity with Rapid Prototyping, Value Preposition Definition and OKR methodologies

Additional Information

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Last date to apply is 11th October. For questions about the position, please contact Talent Acquisition Partner [email protected]

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