Fractional CMO

  • Full-time

Company Description

Growth Connect is a Fractional CMO network based in Thailand. We provide experienced marketing leaders (Marketing Directors, Chief Marketing Officers) with the opportunity to develop and grow their fractional practice in the Kingdom. We provide material, software, and most importantly, a support network of Fractional CMO peers.

Job Description

As a Fractional CMO, you will be responsible for providing expert marketing leadership to small and mid-sized businesses. This typically involves building and leading in-house marketing teams and establishing repeatable marketing systems for 2-3 businesses simultaneously.

You will be responsible for acquiring your own clients through LinkedIn outreach, networking, and any other means you see fit. Rather than selling a product or service, you will sell yourself to your future clients while keeping the majority of the revenue you earn.

We are only considering candidates who are currently located in Thailand or who wish to work primarily from Thailand.


  • Conduct proactive lead prospecting and outreach efforts to identify and engage with potential clients through various channels, including LinkedIn, networking events, industry conferences, and other relevant platforms.
  • Develop marketing vision and strategy: Provide strategic advantage to clients by developing foundational brand messaging, identifying ideal customers, and planning content to meet customer needs.
  • Build and lead in-house marketing teams: Lead clients' marketing teams or help them hire and train people, and report to the leadership on goals and progress.
  • Establish repeatable marketing systems: Provide methodologies and 90-day campaign systems that are easy to manage, capture leads consistently, and become part of clients' SOPs.
  • Collaborate with C-suite and sales teams: Lead marketing strategy and initiatives in collaboration with clients' C-suite and sales teams to drive business growth.
  • Network to build trust and credibility: Develop and nurture relationships with clients and other professionals to build trust and credibility in the industry.
  • Embrace new technology: Fearlessly explore new tools for productivity, communication, and collaboration, and stay up-to-date with emerging marketing trends and technologies.
  • Maintain professional expertise: Attend peer group/learning events and contribute to thought-leadership content.


  • Residency in Thailand with visa, work permit, and employment contract.
  • Flexibility to control client numbers, working hours, location, and level of engagement.
  • Performance-based pay. You will keep the majority of revenue you earn from your services.
  • Training and software to help you acquire clients.
  • Network of Fractional CMOs to learn from and exchange ideas with.
  • Opportunity to sharpen marketing and consulting skills while broadening and deepening portfolio.
  • Dedicated Bangkok office space whenever needed, with hot desks, videoconferencing, IT support, and a lounge with coffee, etc.
  • Local admin support from an HR team to handle immigration, tax, insurance, and other tasks that facilitate expat life in Thailand.
  • Health insurance.


  • 10+ years of marketing experience with at least 3 years in a senior leadership role.
  • Proven ability to collaborate with C-suite and sales teams to lead marketing strategy and initiatives.
  • Digital-savvy and an expert at omnichannel marketing.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and enjoys networking to build trust and credibility.
  • Passion for helping people achieve their goals.
  • Lifelong learner who values new experiences, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Ability to say no to a client when they are on the wrong track.
  • Fearless with new technology and loves exploring new tools for productivity, communication, and collaboration.
  • Ability to adapt to the working hours of your clients. If you acquire clients based in other time zones (ex: United States), you will need to take calls at night or early mornings.
  • Motivation to build a CMO consulting career as part of an international brand and team.
  • Reliable availability up to 40 hours a week for long-term engagements (12+ months).
  • Experienced networker who is skilled at nurturing relationships and referrals.
  • Participation in peer group/learning events and contributions to thought-leadership content (blog articles, case studies, LinkedIn posts, etc.).

Additional Information

If you have the required experience, skills, and passion for marketing, and want to make a real difference in clients' businesses, we encourage you to apply.

Interview process:

  1. Short video screening assignment
  2. Virtual interview with the head of Growth Connect
  3. Virtual interview with 1-2 Fractional CMOs on the team

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