Systems Engineer

  • Cleveland, OH, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

From concept to design to execution, be part of the team that gets everyday products to people.

Do you want to have an impact on creating products from today’s top brands? Does having a company care about your career today and into the future motivate you? Does an environment where your opinions matter excite you? Are you a natural born tinkerer? If so, you have found your next calling!

Grantek is a recognized leading provider of integrated automation, smart manufacturing and industrial information solutions in the global marketplace. Our clients are some of the worlds most respected Fortune 100 companies and recognized consumer brands: Tassimo, Brita, MillerCoors, Coca-Cola, Kraft-Heinz, to name a few.

We offer an atmosphere where you can express your creative ideas and talents by working on a variety of projects and technologies. Using today’s leading edge technology, you will partner with clients to solve their most complex manufacturing and industrial information problems.

We offer a competitive and comprehensive compensation package, retirement matching, company paid benefits, flexible work hours, and an education/career development program. For more information on what Grantek offers, visit:

We are committed to providing a positive and healthy corporate culture, one that empowers employees, promotes knowledge-sharing, and encourages strong friendships and social connections among all team members. We are a team of dedicated Engineers and Designers with an average of 7 years’ tenure at Grantek. The vast majority of our employees have started off their careers at Grantek and have grown into successful senior team members who are integral to our client's manufacturing processes.


Job Description

As a key member of Grantek’s Engineering team, you will be developing real-time automation solutions from the manufacturing plant floor to the enterprise level, using a variety of programming, configuration, and design tools: PLC and PAC Programming, Operator Interface and HMI application design, SCADA design, Network design, Database design, Vision system design, Machine Safety system design, Servo motion control, Information Solution design, MES design, ERP connector development, High-level software solution design (involving C#, HTML5, .NET, SQL, VB, VBA, and more). All junior team members will enter our mentoring program, where they will work directly beside our Senior Engineer professionals.


  • Complete HR documents and safety training necessary for field work.
  • Complete Grantek bootcamp to train you on automation programming tools and technologies as well as business matters like: “What to do if a customer asks for a change” and “What if three different PM’s ask you to work on something at the same time”.
  • Complete our “Sample Project” which has the same documentation, and drawings as a real project and provides a complete walkthrough of our templates, and tools.
  • Be assigned to first project/task.
  • Partake in the buddy system; which assigns a mentor that assists you during your onboarding.


  • Learn Grantek's technical knowledge and apply it on real projects with regular, hands-on-keyboard guidance from experienced engineers or your manager.
  • Creating PLC ladder logic, modifying existing logic in a control system or drawing user interface screens to control a conveyor system, a pharmaceutical process system with pumps, valves and tanks, or a machine vision system which inspects packaging.
  • Be a contributor to the planning, scoping, design, and implementation within a project.
  • Written test plans to ensure a system is functioning correctly and to meet pharmaceutical regulatory requirements.
  • Have been onsite, starting up a new system, troubleshooting something, training operators, or interacting with a client project manager in a real production facility.


  • Write internal documentation for your features and systems so other engineers and customers are informed.
  • Have written a functional specification and design specification to completely describe a custom new system, including it’s: architecture, safety system, modes of operation, and alarm conditions.
  • Be responsible with your time management between projects.


  • Be able to operate completely independently, given a scope of work, budget and time, receiving oversight from a PM, and knowing on your own when to engage advice from various technical Subject Matter Experts
  • Estimate technical scope and time to help a PM in the quoting phase of a project.
  • Assist other engineers technically during their development process.
  • Participate in technical and development events such as lunch and learn sessions, industry conferences, and site-specific training to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Technologies Used:

  • PLC Programming Platforms: Rockwell / Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Modicon, GE, etc.
  • System Networking: Ethernet, Routing and Switching, EthernetIP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, DH+, Remote IO, Modbus, etc.
  • HMI Platforms: Rockwell / Allen-Bradley, Wonderware, Schneider Electric, etc.
  • SCADA Platforms: Rockwell / Allen-Bradley, Inductive Automation, Wonderware, GE, Siemens, etc.
  • Servo Motion Control: Rockwell / Allen-Bradley, Emerson, Omron, etc.
  • Vision Platforms: Cognex, Datalogic, Keyence, etc.
  • MES Platforms: Rockwell / Allen-Bradley, Sepasoft, Wonderware, etc.
  • High-level Programming: C#, HTML5, .NET, Cloud, SQL, VB, VBA, etc.
  • Database Platforms: Microsoft, Oracle, etc.
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft (current and legacy to NT), Unix, Linux, etc.
  • Project Documentation: Microsoft Office



  • Successful or upcoming completion of B.Sc. Computer Engineering, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related Engineering Technology degree.
  • Academic or working experience with some or all the listed “Technologies Used”, in previous section.
  • Meticulous, conscientious, analytical, focused, self-starter individual, who is a quick learner.
  • Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Have full-time access to a personal vehicle
  • Willingness to travel up to 50% throughout North America


Additional Information

We are committed to the principle of equal employment opportunity for all employees and to provide Grantekians with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.