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Company Description

Global View Estates LLC is Committed to responsible research and investments. We invest in real estate property for capital gain. We are a company that buys, remodel, and sells homes, we buy properties in any condition. Global View Estates LLC focuses on the acquisition, renovation, and resale of residential properties. GVE is an acquisition company that specializes in providing cash offers to home and property owners who need to sell fast. We obtain distressed single-family properties and secure those properties at substantial discounts. The activities that we are engaged in involves the purchase of real estate property with intentions of assigning our interests over to an end-buyer or to Buy, Fix, then re-sell the property. Global View Estates LLC is in the business of acquiring properties and selling wholesale to investors. Properties are acquired through a variety of  sources. We will not be acting as your real estate agent or broker if we buy or sell you a house.

- Global View Estates LLC

Job Description

We're seeking an experienced Acquisitions manager, an experienced Real estate wholesaler or agent with a sales and negotiation background to become in charge of our virtual wholesale operation. 

Your tasks will include lead processing, negotiating, meeting with sellers, assessing property, and putting houses under contract, and assist with preparing contracts and closing. 

NOTE: Partnership - Contract


Experienced wholesaler or agent with sales and negotiation background.

Additional Information

Employment type: Commission based. 50% split paid to you per successful closing. After two successful deals than $500/M plus 50% fee split.


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