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Company Description

Company Description

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GenerationTAG is actively seeking individuals looking for work in the Information Technology/Electronics industry. We have an immediate need for additional dedicated and focused entry-level through highly experienced professionals to perform field service work to fulfill numerous client and company awarded assignments throughout the year. Most assignments performed are general entry-level repair or replace type services, but can vary to a broad range of assignment types, based on varied skill sets, requested tools or equipment, and scope of work required by the client.

Job Description

Job Description

NOTE: We encourage everyone to apply who has interest in performing field service work, even if you may not have any current field experience or are not presently comfortable with performing the following service types.

The following is a partial list of service types which may be performed by a Field Service Technician:

  • Part/component replacement, setup/installation, and general equipment troubleshooting.
  • Consumer and business class computers - diagnosing/repairing, software/hardware installs, configuration/testing, data backup/migrations, maintenance/support, and consulting/training.
  • POS (Point-of-Sale) – Repair, troubleshoot, install and de-install a variety of brands and systems.
  • Printers - Repairing numerous major brand printers/copiers, routine maintenance, and installations.
  • Appliance Handyman – Repair, replace, troubleshoot, setup or install various makes and models of televisions, audio/video equipment, washers/dryers, and assorted general household kitchen appliances.
  • Security/CCTV systems – Installations, monitors, DVRs, cameras, alarms, and low-voltage wiring.
  • Networking/Telephony – Requires a higher skill level to include; building/running patch cables, troubleshooting, routers/firewalls/switches, phone systems/VOIP, and POTS/DMARC extensions.
  • Complete site conversions and refreshes, in addition to short and long-term projects/assignments.
  • Site surveys, insurance damage assessments, and general courier pick-up and drop-off services.
  • Basic Mac/Apple/iOS experience – Certifications are strongly preferred, but not required.

Professionals in the Information Technology/Electronics industry who possess related expertise in these specialized areas are highly encouraged to apply for this contracted position, however, experience in these areas are not required.



  • Must be 21 years of age or older. Exceptions may be made, on a case by case basis, for anyone under 21.
  • Must be able to speak, write, and understand the English language fluently. Bilingual is generally preferred.
  • Must be able to work independently with little to no intervention required by company staff or management.
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds without assistance, or 75+ pounds as a team lift with one or more people.
  • Must be able to successfully pass a 7 to 10-year background history check, a 3 to 10-year motor vehicle records check, and take a 7 to 16-panel drug screening exam, all in accordance with your state’s applicable laws, which may be administered randomly several times throughout the executed contract period.
  • Must have your own vehicle for work purposes. Owning a full-size car, SUV, or van is highly recommended, but not required. Vehicle size determines the availability of certain types of additional awarded assignments.
  • Must provide proof of valid auto insurance and registration. (Certain insurance coverage limits may apply).
  • Must own a smartphone with an applicable calling, data, and hotspot plan. Android OS highly recommended.
  • Must own a laptop with Microsoft OS installed (Windows 7 SP1 or greater). Apple Mac OS is not allowed.
  • Owning general IT-related tools or equipment is highly recommended to be awarded additional assignments.
  • Having your own commercial liability insurance policies are highly recommended, but not required. Compensation is based on the Contractor having correct insurance policies and coverage limits required by our clients. Covering the Contractor under our company insurance policies can be provided for an added fee.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Territory Street Address:

The street address provided in this job posting is that of a rented storage facility located within the assigned territory used in conjunction with performing awarded assignments. This is not a company owned or operated business location. Additional storage facilities may be located within the assigned territories to expedite the completion of assignments.

Contracted Job Compensation:

~$26,000 (1) to ~$40,000 (2) total estimated compensation annually, plus up to $3,000 or more in commission and client-based opportunities. (3)

  • Contracted compensation will vary based several factors, the largest being the Contractor’s availability.
  • Compensation range above includes Assignment Rate Increases that are generally granted for unexpected expenses, including tolls or parking, up to a set amount per assignment, which is governed per contract.

Contracted Job Compensation Specifications:

Contracted compensation is on a per assignment basis. All compensation amounts are dynamic (sliding based scale) and assume that the Contractor will be awarded and successfully complete a minimum of 20 assignments per week. Most assignments range from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Consequently, should a Contractor be awarded 20 or more assignments per week, based on their declared availability, their compensation will be significantly higher.

Compensation per assignment includes all work-related time, including travel time, and all assignment-related expenses that fall within the expected threshold set by the company (fuel, parking, tolls, etc.). Compensation is also based on the Contractor providing their own commercial insurance policies, and is further based on the Contractor remaining in full compliance in process and submission of required paperwork, shipping off parts and equipment (when required), and delivery of parts and equipment to designated storage facilities (company or client managed).

There may be commission-based opportunities should the Contractor wish to participate in our product sales program, as well as some client-based opportunities to generate additional compensation per awarded assignment.

  1. Estimated annual income is calculated based upon the “Contracted Job Compensation Specifications” section referenced in this Field Service Technician job posting.
  2. Estimated annual income of $40,000 is calculated based upon the Contractor being awarded and successfully completing a minimum of 30 assignments per week instead of the 20 referenced in the “Contracted Job Compensation Specifications” section contingent on typical Contractor availability.
  3. Commission and client-based opportunities may not be available in all territories, and the Contractor may not be awarded assignments. Estimated income revenue opportunity based on a best-case scenario.
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