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Descripción de la empresa

Genera Games is an international company, with our headquarters in Sevilla, Spain. We are leaders in mobile games development both for clients – such as Disney, Mattel or Universal- and our own licenses. We also collaborate with indie studios all around our country, giving support during the development and publishing phase of their games.

Our mission is to create fun and unique games that make happy to the greatest number of people and we aim to be a reference worldwide, showing that we make excellent games from Seville, being a happy company. We want to achieve this by being creative, teaming up, enjoying working and being PROs at what we do.

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Descripción del empleo

We are currently looking for a senior programmer, with proved experience in the videogame industry and high knowledge of Unity3D. We are searching a candidate passionate about video games, problem solver, proactive, team worker, rigorous and detail oriented.


Main responsibilities include:

- Defining and code the render pipeline of the project, helping the art team to achieve fast performance but beautiful graphics.
- Leading other programmers to achieve the project goals, proposing technical solutions whenever is needed
- Supporting the development in whatever task is needed (gameplay, UI, AI, optimization, builds...)


- Senior programmer (C#)
- Great knowledge in graphics programming: Shader, postptorcess, render pipelines, etc
- 5+ Years Unity experience
- Profiling and optimization 
- Experience with a wide range of game level systems, including scene management, rendering ,animation , physics, , AI, etc
- High communication skills and team work
- Realtime multiplayer or server programming is a plus

Información adicional

We offer:

  • •    Opportunity to join a senior dev team and, located in Genera Games headquarters in Sevilla.
    •    Salary according to experience and skills of the candidate.
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