Software Engineer

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Job Description

We are currently looking for a passionate software engineer with a strong focus on solving problems as well as finding the best solutions for the platform.

The first thing you need to know is that, the team you’ll be working on cares about the work environment and growth opportunities as much as they do about the technical aspects. They guide themselves through the practices below:

  • Everyone has the opportunity to be involved in the whole full lifecycle of the project, from design & development to operations.

  • You will know ahead of time what are the features required, they will be discussed in the team and you will be able to take full ownership of your features & projects.

  • We don’t limit ourselves to a set of technologies that we know. There is always something new to learn.

  • Having an agile mindset helps us with keeping our activity well organized, transparent, with clear goals and well defined sprint scopes. We take pride in our work and we involve the entire team when taking decisions, not only the leaders.

  • You will be able to work on all project facets in order to have the entire project understanding and come with a feasible solution when it is necessary.

What will be your main focus once you join us?

  • Developing core REST microservices;

  • Defining and implementing the automation layers (CI/CD/IAC);

  • Defining and implementing a set of rules & good practices that ensure the good health & growth of the platform;

  • R&D, platform architecture & systems design.

The Titan team is cross-functional and this comes with various learning opportunities that allow you to try different types of activities (mobile development, web front-ends, big-data processing pipelines and administrative tools), thus sharpening your technical skills. 

Here are some of technologies we use and we have expertise with: 

  • Languages: Java, Dart, Python, Groovy, JS, Typescript, PHP;

  • Frameworks: Play, Akka, Flutter, Apache Spark, Symfony, Angular, React, Nginx;

  • Databases: DynamoDb, MongoDb, Mysql (Aurora), ElasticSearch, Redis, Memache;

  • AWS services: Elastic Beanstalk, EKS, Lambda, RDS, DynamoDb, S3, Glacier, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch, API gateway, Kinesis, Elastic Transcoder, Glue, EMR, Athena;

  • Version control systems: Git, Jenkins, Gitlab, Terraform. 


Position requirements:

  • Experience with a JVM language (Java, Scala or Kotlin);
  • Exposure to web development with focus on backend services;
  • Decent understanding of Linux, software architecture and infrastructure concepts;
  • Experience with NoSql databases;
  • Ability to develop solution architecture designs and learn complex systems;
  • Willing for research and sharing the knowledge with the team;
  • Always eager to learn and keep a good ownership attitude;
  • Excellent problem solving skills and a proactive approach;
  • Always eager to learn new concepts, languages and frameworks which support our business products and not only.

  We will consider an advantage:

  • Your experience in multiple programming languages (preferably multiple paradigms);
  • Your expertise with multiple tools & frameworks (Web frameworks, message brokers, testing frameworks);
  • A good knowledge of cloud computing principles (AWS); 
  • Your experience in building CI/CD pipelines & Infrastructure as code tools.

Additional Information

 What we will offer you:

  • An excellent work/life balance environment, after all we have a gaming’s company DNA (work from home and flexible schedule are the norm); 
  • An open working atmosphere with friendly team members and a good team spirit; 
  • Experimentation is encouraged, we are not afraid of failing fast since it will give us additional knowledge;

  • All the usual perks: cafeteria, free coffee, free fruits, gaming room, relaxation area and free gym.


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