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Company Description

Gameloft’s mission is to amaze the world so that everyone can enjoy a moment of happiness.

We have been proudly crafting game since 2000, two of which are featured in the “Top 10 iOS Games by All-Time Worldwide Downloads” from App Annie. Talented Gameloft employees from all over the world are creating established franchises such as Asphalt®, Dragon Mania Legends, Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter.

We put passion into every pixel of the game. It’s at the core of what we do every day and allows major rights holders including Disney®, LEGO®, Universal, Mattel®, Lamborghini® … to recognize Gameloft’s creativity and trust us to produce awesome gaming experiences.

We are part of Vivendi – one of the world’s largest Media groups – giving us the mana and resources to set our expectations high and aim for the very best.

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Job Description

As Data Governor at Gameloft HQ in Paris you will lead the Governance Team working with Data Owners from all over the world to support Gameloft strategic orientations.

We want you to help make Gameloft the first game company on future moon bases without any downtime at all.

You will define, implement and run secure & optimal processes for our data (players, employees, clients).

You will drive the Data Governance Strategy and work closely in collaboration with the Data Protection Officer and IT Security Manager who leads Personal Data & Security.

We want you to implement state of the art practices in the field of Data Governance as well as reveal hidden gems in Gameloft data sets!


  • Creating a framework for bottom-up-driven governance that balances user empowerment with all the data owners and then implementing said framework - working with the Gameloft Data Protection Officer, legal and Gameloft Security Officer
  • Help the data owners define Data Governance rules including Data Access requests
  • Establish Global Data Governance framework
  • Deploy Data Governance within Gameloft’s worldwide business units
  • Control the application of Data Governance through various project
  • Report to C level managers on the state of Gameloft Data Governance
  • Identify within our assets the data value and business opportunities for Gameloft
  • Maintain the accuracy of Gameloft Data
  • Improve Gameloft Data through tagging, refining etc.
  • Guaranty the optimization of data quality and value for the company


  • Dive in all internal and external systems dealing with data to establish a Data Governance Policy
  • Build an Automatic Data Management tool
  • Lead, follow up and audit Data Governance projects
  • Ensure data accuracy, availability and quality
  • Optimize Gameloft Data to extract all value/advantages it can offer
  • Be the voice of Data Governance and its projects: build a true Data Culture within Gameloft
  • Be the main point of contact for quickly providing an overview of Data Governance status to C level managers


Skills and Experience

  • 15+ years of management experience in an international context
  • 5+ years as Data Governor or Data Manager or Data Strategist preferably in different countries
  • Your peers recognize you as a true Project Leader, able to convince team members and executives to follow your recommendations
  • You are a doer, you can deep dive into subjects, finding key information and providing strategies to C level managers
  • Game / Entertainment / Advertising industry experience is recommended for quicker and easier onboarding                                                                

Additionnal skillset

  • Be tech savvy – Understand the specific vocabulary and technical jargon of our engineering teams


  • To lead our Data Governance department, we are looking for a true leader that can think out of the box. You’ll need to be able to deal with pressure and still keep a cool head. At this level of management you are expected be able to tackle any given Data Governance topic and give swift reports to top management.

Additional Information

Why Join the World of Gameloft?

  • Because you want to take part in the rise of a dynamic, stimulating, and captivating sector!
  • Because you want to be part of an exceptional experience, within a company that is constantly growing!
  • Because you want to work within a team made up of people motivated by, and passionate about, their field!
  • Because you want to work with talented people who are industry pioneers!
  • Because you love the idea of expanding your horizons within a cosmopolitan corporate culture and sharing your know-how with colleagues at the other end of the Earth!
  • Because you want to work with renowned partners and clients such as Apple, Google, Nintendo, Disney, Marvel, and many others!
  • Because you want to push technology to its limits – to succeed at creating console-quality games for mobile phones!
  • Because you’re in search of great working conditions and benefits, all within a modern, friendly space!
  • Or just because you’re looking for a great place to work!

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