C++ Game Developer

  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Full-time

Company Description

You've been using C++ for a while and you are ready to work on something exciting and spectacular? On a project where millions of people worldwide will be admiring your work?

You're in the right place because the Gameloft Budapest is looking for a C++ Game Developer.

What can you expect from us?

  • We are a 70-person game development studio in downtown Budapest
  • We have diverse backgrounds and we all love to work on our own games and ideas
  • You would work in a small agile team of 5-6 brilliant and professional programmers where everybody’s inputs are valued
  • The team is international, and we have several foreign colleagues
  • You will be using robust systems that serve millions of players
  • Exercising your creativity when solving tasks is much appreciated
  • You may be working on games using famous brands such as Marvel or Disney.
  • We don't have many meetings :)

Why work for us?

  • We are creating awesome games enjoyed by millions of players worldwide
  • Our office is in the downtown area, Boráros Square. It is on the Pest side of the Petofi bridge, and can be easily reached by public transport. 
  • Good performance is always recognized, so if the game you're working on makes a profit, you will receive regular bonuses.
  • We have a flexible work schedule that can fit in most of your requirement
  • Never go to work on your birthday (you get extra leave for that day)
  • We value health, which is why all our employees benefit from a private health insurance plan. This includes free access to an unlimited number of specialist appointments, diagnostics and an annual health screenings.
  • Every summer we have a studio wide team building activity (we've been to paintball, quad, soap box, of course, we always have a goulash goulash)
  • Every year we organize several Game Jams where we take care of the food and drinks and you can just focus on having fun alongside your teammates
  • Coffee, tea and fruits are always at your disposal
  • You'll also get a fitness pass which gives you access to all Life1 venues in the city
  • We support learning, so we have an English and Hungarian language course on site, and you also have the opportunity to participate in online trainings for any topic of your choosing

Job Description

What will you do here?

  • Program the game according to the design specifications and the programming rules already in place
  • Integrate all elements of the game, including engine, gameplay, user interface, graphics/animations and sound
  • Contribute to the game’s design specifications and technical specifications
  • Work with the team to improve the production process and help in establishing best-practices
  • Work alongside colleagues from all the other departments of the game team (2d and 3d graphic designers, game and level designers, the backend team)
  • A game is good when it is fun and stable, so we invest a lot of effort into fine-tuning and improving

How are you going to work and when can you start?

  • You will work full time, 8 hours a day, with a declared employment contract.
  • You can arrive by 9 in the morning, but if that’s too early, no one will mention anything if you arrive before 10:30
  • Your direct lead will be the lead programmer of the team, and the colleagues you work most closely with will be: other programmers, backend developers, designers and UI programmers.
  • The sooner you can start, the better! Of course, if you have a notice period, we will wait for you

What will happen to you on the first day and in the first 3 months?

  • On your first day, we will introduce you to everyone on the team. The game’s producer will tell you more details about the game you will be working on while the lead programmer will tell you what the dev team is currently working on.
  • Also on the first day you will receive your onboarding plan, which gives you details about the things you will be doing and what’s expected of you over the next 3 months
  • Right from the start you will also find out who will be your assigned buddy, the colleague who will help you during your first few months to have a great time here. You can ask him anything at any time, be it things about the project or about what’s the best place to eat at in the area (there are many cool places to eat at nearby)
  • During your trial period we will continue to support you and give you feedback on your work. And of course, we’d love if you also shared your opinion and suggestions with us.


When you should consider joining us?

  • If you are confident programming in C++
  • If you are a creative problem solver
  • If you feel comfortable with 3D mathematics (linear algebra, vectors)
  • If you have experience with any graphic library (OpenGL, Direct3D, Metal)
  • If you are familiar with the major 3D modeling and animation softwares and knowledge of scripting and plugins programming for 3DSMax are considered a plus
  • If you speak English at a level that’s enough for you and your foreign colleagues to understand each other
  • If you already have experience in game development or knowledge of client-server communication then that’s just the cherry on the cake!

Additional Information

What will happen when you apply?

You can apply with your English or Hungarian CV. We will look at what projects and technologies you have worked on so far.

If you have worked on your own on a game or applications, send us your link and we will be happy to check it out!

No cover letter is required. But if you usually play mobile, you can write that down :-)

At Gameloft, we believe in diversity, so no applicant will be discriminated against based on criteria such as gender, age, gender identity, religion, nationality, etc.

Your CV will be reviewed by our lead programmers, and if they find it relevant one of our colleagues from HR will contact you.

Next you will come over to our studio and take a theoretical C++ test followed by a chat with one of our HR colleagues. The next round will be another test made out of a practical C++ exercise that can be completed in approx. 5 hours and another chat with one with one of our lead programmers. They will give you specific details about the job and you can ask them anything you are interested in knowing about working here. As you will be in our studio, you will have a chance to look into the Gameloft environment and atmosphere as well.

The whole process usually takes 2 weeks, but of course it depends on how fast you can come to us.

If the test fails, we will notify you within a week. You will certainly receive feedback from us about the process, but you can also track the status of your application through our application system.

Anything else that might be interesting to know about the position?

Is Work From Home an option?

We are currently implementing work from home. By the time your trial period expires you will be more than likely eligible for one day of home office per two weeks. But if that's the only solution to a certain issue, we can be flexible about it.

Is it mandatory to play mobile games?

This is not mandatory but playing mobile games can help you a lot when we’re brainstorming together about how to improve our games.

My English is poor, do I have a chance to get hired?

If you commit to bring your English level to an acceptable level quickly, yes. English is useful for you both while working (for example most of our documentation is in English) and while communicating with our foreign colleagues. The company has an weekly English course, so it's up to you to improve your language skills.

I am going to university. Can I go to lectures from time to time?

We are offering full-time jobs but we can be flexible within certain limits. Several of our colleagues have done this already (working here while attending university), so feel free to apply and we're happy to discuss the details!

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