Senior F2P Game Designer

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Full-time

Company Description

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About Gameloft

A leading global publisher of digital and social games, Gameloft has a team of over 5200 people in 27 studios spread across the world. With over 500 games developed and marketed in 120 countries, Gameloft generated over 1,7 billion tablet and smartphone downloads. 20 million users access daily our games downloading on average 1 million new games every day.

Gameloft Romania, through it’s over 1200 employees active in the Bucharest and Cluj studios has created and developed successful titles such as NOVA, NOVA 2, NOVA 3, Backstab, The Dark Knight Rises, Modern Combat 5, Starfront: Collision, Ferrari GT, Asphalt 5, Asphalt 6, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, Terminator: Salvation, Shrek Kart, Captain America 2, Blitz Brigade, Brothers in Arms 3 available for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and tablets.

Aiming to generate innovative and creative games for fast growing technologies, we are constantly looking for the best talents in our field.

Job Description

As a senior free-to-play game designer, your responsibility is to understand how a game works as a service for its customers and how the customers behave in it, providing constant recommendation on design.

To do this, pre-release, you’re able to improve the design of the main features a game will offer, define metrics that allow you to individually measure their impact in a given title, and work closely with the development team.

Once he game is launched, you’re able to analyze the collected data and report which are the performing/underperforming aspects of the game, why, and then provide suggestions for further improvements / solutions to problems.


  • Strong sensitivity to gameplay and game design, understanding how to         build needs and emotions in the context of a game.
  • Strong analytical and formal thinking, able to break problems down in their   key variables and identify the relations between them.
  • Statistic knowledge, able to formulate ratios and indexes specific to each     game, identifying specific weaknesses and strengths in its economy design.
  • Strong marketing knowledge, able to formulate adequate selling strategies   to improve the financial performance.

This is a position requiring a mix of strong economy and marketing knowledge with passion for analytical game design and the free-to-play business model.


  • At least 5 years experience as either game designer, level designer or    game  economy designer for the mobile games market with at least 2 titles published where credited as such.
  • Significant experience in running a game as a service with a deep understanding of how to use data and analysis in developing an update schedule
  • Fluent written and spoken English, concise writing skills
  • Good knowledge on the use of Excel
  • Deep, up-to-date knowledge of the free-to-play market, both web-based and on smartphones


  • Graduate degree in Economics or BA, preferably specialized in Marketing or Strategic direction.
  • Mastering of UI prototyping tools such as Flash
  • Experience in product management

Additional Information


  • You want to be part of an exceptional experience, within a company that is constantly growing!
  • You want to work with talented people who are industry pioneers!
  • You want to join a global company and meet great people around the world
  • Or, just because you're looking for a fun place to work!

Applications will be processed in confidentiality.
All qualified candidates will be asked to take a skills assessment test.

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