Game Product Manager 游戏产品经理

  • Beijing, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

A leading digital and social game publisher, Gameloft® has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms and with an audience of 157 million monthly users offers via Gameloft Advertising Solutions a unique level of visibility and involvement to advertisers. Gameloft operates its own established franchises such as Asphalt®, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter and also partners with major rights holders including Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel® and Ferrari®. Gameloft distributes its games in over 100 countries and employs 6,000 people worldwide. Gameloft is a Vivendi company. 

Job Description

As a product manager you define the monetization strategy, coordinates in-game communication and marketing, and post-launch data analysis through all distribution channels at a worldwide level.

1. You are part of the team: work closely with the design and development teams to plan, design and implement game features which improve product performance.

2. Know your players: build dashboards to monitor the Key Performance Indicators of one or a portfolio of games on a daily basis. Analyze game metrics and transform data into actionable items which improve KPIs.

3. Be an expert: suggest optimizations for the consumer acquisition, retention design, and engagement / social features of the games. Analyze competitors and perform efficient benchmarking.

4. Define the promotion strategy, set up and coordinate the in-game communication for events and promotions.

5. Keep stakeholders updated about the status of projects, and the progress of new development. 


1. 团队一员:与设计和开发团队紧密合作,计划、设计和实现游戏特性,改善产品营收。

2. 了解玩家:建立公告板来监控一个或者一组游戏的日常核心性能指标。分析游戏数据,并且转换成可操作的措施来改善KPI 

3. 你是专家:为游戏中的用户获取、留存设计、玩家带入/社交功能提供优化建议,分析竞品并做有效对比评测。

4  明确推广战略,协调和设置游戏内的沟通以满足游戏的各类活动。

5. 将项目的状态更新和发展及时向上级更新汇报。


1. 3 to 5 years of professional experience in online/B2C business

2. Self-motivated, team player, analytical and ability to prioritize tasks.

3. Understanding of game design concepts and principles.

4. Understanding of statistics, metrics and analysis.

5. Outstanding written and oral communication skills. 

6. Fluent in spoken and written English and Chinese.

7. Proficient with Excel

Additional Qualifications (Desirable but not required)

1. BS/MS degree in Marketing, Communications, Business, or Engineering

2. Strong experience and/or passion for Social Media.

1.  3~5年在线/B2C领域专业经验。

2.  有良好的自驱力,团队精神和分析能力和统筹能力。

3.  深刻了解游戏设计的概念和原则。

4.  理解游戏指标和统计、分析方法。

5.  优秀的书面和口头沟通技巧

6.  中英文听说读写熟练

7.  熟练掌握EXCEL

8.  营销学、商务类、通信类和工程学本科或硕士优先

9.  在社交媒体领域有经验者优先。

Additional Information

Please submit your CV, cover letter and portfolio (if applicable). 

Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted and your CV will be saved in our files for a period of 6 months.