.NET Developer

  • 1750 Rue Richardson, Montréal, QC H3K 1G5, Canada
  • Full-time
  • Department: ShareGate
  • Location: 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal

Company Description

Designed as an experimental lab, GSoft wants to revolutionize the world of work through its practices and products. It's simple: we want to put the human back in the heart of organizations.

Technology is used to question the established order and make the most of human intelligence. Through our products, we now have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

You can find out more here: https://www.gsoft.com/

Job Description

Why are we looking for a software developer to add to our team?

We want you to be part of the growth of our team and enable us to continue to deliver outstanding value in one of our products (ShareGate Desktop). It is an essential product for IT managers, as it simplifies the migration to Office 365!

In the coming months we will tackle the improvement of performance, the reorientation of the needs that are answered by the application, the integration of new APIs and many other exciting initiatives.

Here to learn more: https://sharegate.com/products/sharegate-desktop



You will quickly develop code whether it be new initiatives, improvements to existing code, or internal tools to help the quality and performance of team members.

You'll do your own QA, and despite having an amazing customer support team, you'll help identify the sources of bugs reported by customers.

You will acquire and share knowledge about the product, the field of business and the technological expertise.


Our technical environment:

A mature, complex and modern desktop application:

  • Developed in C #
  • Frontend in WPF
  • Using Microsoft APIs
  • Continuous integration with TeamCity
  • Unit tests with xUnit


What will it actually look like?:

GSoft is in constant change and you will be given the opportunity to work in an innovative environment, which always seeks to reinvent itself. And you know what ? Ideas and initiatives can come from everyone, including developers!

You will start right away with a team, you will not be left to yourself and you will not remain a new employee for long!

You will also be collaborating in a committed and authentic team of 12 developers who share a primordial value, quality! We take part in decisions that impact us, so you can express yourself, evolve and develop your skills in a flexible environment.

In addition to having an extremely competent team to work with, a coach and a manager are present to support both you and your team. A product owner is also present to give a clear vision, in addition to a product designer and a customer experience specialist.


Expertise sought

You have managed to accumulate a solid base in different technologies as well as to develop a sharp sense of analysis.

Technically speaking, you love to code in C # or you are more of the C ++ / JAVA type who would be excited to start to develop in C #.

Additional Information

Because we debate on many topics, you will hear about:

C #, Microsoft API, GIT, WPF, Microsoft Azure, SQL, 0ffice 365, Sharepoint Online.

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