Developer Intern (Fall 2019)

  • 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal, QC H3K 1G6, Canada
  • Intern
  • Department: ShareGate
  • Location: 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal

Company Description


With us, you will be able to express yourself, evolve and develop your creativity in an inspiring environment that will adapt to your daily life and your needs. The future of work is human. To build this future, we must lay the groundwork for person-to-person connection, fly blind from time to time and invite chaos into our methods so that nothing ever stagnates. Challenging the status quo requires courage, being open-minded and a firm belief that nothing can stop the power of human ambition. Fuck the Impossible! As a lab of experimentation, at GSoft, we build together, we trust and support each other in success or failure.

As an intern at GSoft, you will be a full member of one of our two product teams, ShareGate or Officevibe. You will be able to count on an extremely competent team of developers who will be there to help you evolve during your internship. Communities of practice will also guide you in your learning and allow you to learn more about the most current technologies. 


ShareGate consists of various development teams: ShareGate Desktop and ShareGate Apricot. ShareGate Desktop is the main application with millions of lines of code developed and maintained by a multidisciplinary team. This team manages its own structure and how the members separate the tasks. Its backend is developed in C# and the frontend in WPF. It uses various third-party technologies to interact primarily with SharePoint and Office 365 environments.

ShareGate Apricot, our new web application, is a logical continuation of our desktop application. Its backend, in the cloud, is developed in C# and the frontend in React. Technologies like Azure, Event Store and MongoDB are used in complementarity with methodologies such as Event Sourcing, CQRS and Domain Driven Design, to obtain a powerful and robust application.


Chez Officevibe, nous bâtissons un outil afin que les gestionnaires deviennent de meilleurs leaders, tout en mettant leur équipe aux premiers plans. Nous voulons aider les entreprises à créer des environnements de travail stimulants. Officevibe est une plateforme web entièrement hébergée dans le cloud (SaaS) et qui est développée et maintenue par une équipe multidisciplinaire. 

Un stage chez Officevibe, c'est donc une opportunité de se développer à la fine pointe des technologies web. Tu auras la chance de participer au développement de nouvelles fonctionnalités basées sur les besoins de nos clients, en collaboration avec nos designers et nos gestionnaires de produit, afin de créer la meilleure expérience possible. Tu grandiras à travers tes apprentissages, afin de faire évoluer la solution en suivant les bonnes pratiques agiles. Tu participeras également au processus d'assurance qualité avant de porter tes changements en production. Les principales technologies utilisées sont React/Redux, webpack, Web API, .NET, MongoDB, et Redis. Les outils sont Git, Visual Studio, Team City, Crucible, et Confluence.


We believe that up-and-comers like you have a lot to offer us—just as we have a lot to offer you. That’s why our teams welcome students all year long. As an intern, you’ll be considered a full-fledged team member. Our experienced developers will be on hand to help you grow during your time with us. 


We’re currently recruiting interns for the fall session. We don’t care what university you’re attending! The only thing is that we’re looking for candidates who have already completed at least one university professional internship.  

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