Workplace Manager

  • 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal, QC H3K 1G6, Canada
  • Full-time
  • Department: GSoft
  • Location: 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal

Company Description

Conceived as an experimental lab, GSoft wants to revolutionize the world of work through its practices and products. It’s quite simple, really: we want to see organizations shift their focus back to the human factor.  We’re using technology to challenge the status quo and make the most of what human intelligence has to offer. Through our products, we now have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of workers around the world.   

Job Description

Why are we looking for a Workplace Manager? 

Here at GSoft we have many talented people working hard to make the world a little better every day. We can agree, that isn’t always an easy thing to do. With that in mind, it only makes sense for us to try and offer the absolute best conditions and environment that is adapted to them to help in their mission!

Because offering perks and having an engaging workspace is not enough for us, we believe that working to improve the well-being of our people is equally important. That includes the daily life at the office and the availability and quality of our services(G-Café, lunches, work equipment, etc.), and that’s a full-time job. Ensuring that everything in our office exceeds expectations, whether that is replacing the lightbulb that just burnt out or choosing the right suppliers to guarantee the availability of our services and the satisfaction of our employees.


So, what’s actually involved? 

Your role will be to ensure that the internal services we offer maintain the highest standards possible in terms of quality, availability, and consistently reflect our core values.



  • Accompany a team dedicated to the workspace (Barista, Receptionist and Workplace agent) in being present, creating synergy in the team and helping them to develop.
  • Coordinate, communicate and build great relationships with suppliers (building maintenance, lunch, coffee pods, office equipment …). You are also able to challenge the established order and evaluate their performance.
  • You continuously work to improve the quality of services provided internally, you make sure to respect the standards of the company and continue to help us grow.
  • You are the one responsible for the availability of the services and you set up processes to manage any unexpected situations (back-up team, alternative suppliers …)  
  • You are the point of entry for inquiries about everyday office life or initiatives.

Additional Information

Just like an experimental lab  

At GSoft, we build together, we trust and support each other, sharing both our trials and our triumphs. You will be able to express your views, develop your creativity and thrive in an environment which will accommodate your day-to-day life and needs.   

The future of work is human. To build this future, we must lay the groundwork, fly blind from time to time and embrace uneasiness. Challenging the establishment requires courage, being open-minded and a strong desire to say f*** impossible. 

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