Sales operations

  • 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal, QC H3K 1G6, Canada
  • Full-time
  • Department: ShareGate
  • Location: 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal

Company Description

Conceived as an experimental lab, GSoft wants to revolutionize the world of work through its practices and products. It’s quite simple, really: we want to see organizations shift their focus back to the human factor. We’re using technology to challenge the status quo and make the most of what human intelligence has to offer. Through our products, we now have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of workers around the world. 

At ShareGate, we encourage IT specialists to become bonafide new technology experts by building on three main strategies, reflected in our multi-product approach. First, ShareGate Desktop: streamlining the migration and classic management to Office 365. Second, ShareGate Apricot: embracing and managing Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, etc. (Modern Workplace Management). And third, ShareGate Overcast: managing your Azure cloud consumption.

Why we need you?

We are a team rooted in optimizing the customer experience. The strength of ShareGate has always been to customers quickly and efficiently. With the rise of big data, cloud technologies and sophisticated sales tools, sales operations are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring the success of the sales team and ultimately, the success of our clients.


·       Ensure and optimize daily operations by collaborating with complementary teams

·       Implement employee onboarding and training programs that will increase efficiency

·       Administer and manage best practices for our internal tools

·       Improve sales processes to increase productivity

·       Have a data-driven strategy and decision-making

So, what’s actually involved?

 This role is essentially to help and enable the sales team to become more efficient by providing strategic direction and reducing friction in the sales process. To accomplish this, the sales operations fulfill both strategic and tactical functions. Gsoft is recruiting this role for the first time to enhance and leverage its systems and sales processes. We are therefore looking for someone who has a solid track record in sales operations, operational processes and a strategy for optimizing the sales funnel. In addition to having strong analytical, conceptual and problem-solving skills.

Just like an experimental lab

At GSoft, we build together, we trust and support each other, sharing both our trials and our triumphs. You will be able to express your views, develop your creativity and thrive in an environment which will accommodate your day-to-day life and needs. 

The future of work is human. To build this future, we must lay the groundwork, fly blind from time to time and embrace uneasiness. Challenging the establishment requires courage, being open-minded and a strong desire to say f*** impossible.

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