Front-end Developer (Professional Internship)

  • 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal, QC H3K 1G6, Canada
  • Intern
  • Department: ShareGate
  • Location: 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal

Company Description

Conceived as an experimental lab, GSoft has set its sights on revolutionizing the world of work through its practices and its products. Simply put, we want to see organizations shift their focus back to human beings. 

We’re using technology to challenge the status quo and make the most of what human intelligence has to offer. Through our products, we now have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of workers around the world. 

At ShareGate, we inspire IT specialists to become true experts in new technologies. Its mission is to streamline the adoption of the Microsoft Office 365 platform and help organizations take full advantage of the digital work era. 

Why do we need you? 

Customer Experience is at the center of what we do. We want our help center to be aligned with our customers' needs and our brand. We’re looking for a developer intern who is equally interested in web design and customer experience. 

What are the Projects/Deliverables?

  • Optimize the search capabilities for each Help Center.

  • Implement integrated customer feedback on help articles. 

  • Improve the look of the home pages and sub-pages of the help websites.  

How will you contribute? 

  • Deliver quality code to improve our Zendesk Help Centers and ensure a positive user experience. 

  • Collaborate with key players such as the Technical Content Manager, Marketing, and other Subject Matter Experts. 

  • Improve the end-user experience for the Help Centers through visual and functional improvements. 

  • Identify areas of improvement within the code, and apply fixes when possible based on best practices. 

What else do you need to know? 

This is a great opportunity to put your knowledge to good use. Even though your day-to-day duties will include implementing and optimizing aspects of the ShareGate product Help Centers, we want to hear your views throughout the project lifecycle. We’re counting on you to share your ideas, recommendations and solutions. You will work with a highly motivated team that doesn't shy away from using innovative approaches. 

As an international product, ShareGate has a majority of English-speaking users. Hence, most of the client-facing content and structure is in English. We seek an intern that can work in a bilingual (French and English) environment and has the technical English language proficiency to complete the projects. 

What are the technical details? 

  • JavaScript 

  • HTML 

  • CSS 

  • Web Design experience (classes count as experience)/interest 

Just like an experimental lab 

At GSoft, we build together, we trust and support each other, sharing both our trials and our triumphs. 

You will be able to express your views, develop your creativity and thrive in an environment that accommodates your day-to-day life and needs. 

The future of work is human. To build this future, we must lay the groundwork for person-to-person connection, fly blind from time to time and invite chaos into our methods so that nothing ever stagnates. Challenging the status quo requires courage, being open-minded and a firm belief that nothing can stop the power of human ambition. 


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