Application Support Developer – Customer Experience

  • 1750 Rue Richardson, Montréal, QC H3K 1G5, Canada
  • Full-time
  • Department: Officevibe
  • Location: 1751 Rue Richardson, Montréal

Company Description

Conceived as an experimental lab, GSoft has set its sights on revolutionizing the world of work through its practices and its products. Simply put, we want to see organizations shift their focus back to human beings.
We’re using technology to challenge the status quo and make the most of what human intelligence has to offer. Through our products, we now have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of workers around the world.


At Officevibe, we create better leaders. Our mission is to support managers in becoming better leaders by sounding out their team as well as empowering them to make better decisions. 

We're currently looking for an application support developer for our Officevibe product.

Working for the Officevibe team, you will help make it easier for thousands of people to familiarize themselves with digital environments. Some of these users are folks who are interested in Office 365, while others are managers who want to maximize their team’s efficiency. 

Why do we need you?
We’re looking for a programmer to join our Customer Experience team, specifically as part of the group dedicated to business customers.

Our ideal candidate is someone who enjoys developing new APIs and working with customers in order to understand their needs and offer them a better experience.



How will you contribute? 


  • Design, develop and implement custom features to enhance our offer for our business customers.  
  • Develop automated apps to resolve recurring problems in order to optimize the customer experience.
  • Be a phenomenal team player—yes, that’s part of your job!  Your peers have to love your attitude and the fact that you refuse to work in silos. Being a team player means that people can rely on you for help, but it also means knowing when to ask for assistance. You have to listen actively, be open to other people’s ideas, and make sure your communications are always respectful.  
  • Help the team continually improve its processes. You’ll notice and report issues and help the team find ways to improve efficiency.


What else do you need to know?


You’ll meet with business customers to get a better sense of their needs and provide them with custom solutions. You’ll be part of a diverse team of professionals who all work on different aspects of the customer experience. You’ll talk to customers around the world (in French and English) and help them achieve our mission of creating better work environments and making the future of work more human. All this, as well as introducing your team to new ideas and venturing off the beaten track, without the fear of making mistakes. 


Just like an experimental lab 


At GSoft, we build together, we trust and support each other, sharing both our trials and our triumphs. 

You will be able to express your views, develop your creativity and thrive in an environment that accommodates your day-to-day life and needs. 

The future of work is human. To build this future, we must lay the groundwork for person-to-person connection, fly blind from time to time and invite chaos into our methods so that nothing ever stagnates. Challenging the status quo requires courage, being open-minded and a firm belief that nothing can stop the power of human ambition.
Keywords: C#, ASP.NET, GIT, WebPack, Javascript, React.js, Redux, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, O365, SharePoint Online.



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