• Full-time

Job Description

·       Gets feedback from riders on the performance of the app and reports same to the GIGGO Manager.

·       Appraise the size of riders vis-à-vis the needs of the business and makes recommendations to the GIGGO Manager on size of dispatch riders required per time.

·       Monitors compliance to route-mapping and report deviations to the GIGGO Manager.

·       Responsible for communicating and educating riders on upgrades and updates on the GIGGO App.

·       Ensures complete documentation of all dispatch bikes to avoid running foul of regulatory provisions.

·       Resolves all reported incidences by riders on the field to eliminate disruption to riders’ activities. This will include approvals for repairs on the field, assisting with the resolution of disputes with law enforcement agents etc.

·       Responsible for ensuring that riders are professionally groomed and positively project the GIGGO brand.

·       Makes recommendation to the GIGGO Manager on trainings (type, size, and frequency) for dispatch riders

·       Verifies riders’ earnings before pay-out.