Head of Growth

  • Full-time

Company Description

🌞 About Furbnow 

Furbnow is a retrofit service for homeowners looking to start their journey to reducing their energy bills and carbon emissions, and having a warmer home. Customers want impartial advice and clear information on what will work for their home and lifestyle, how they can stage the work to fit their budget and minimise disruption. They want help finding installers and support if something goes wrong.

More detail on Furbnow can be found on our website - www.furbnow.com. 

Furbnow helps homeowners with a service that: 

  • 🏡 provides a whole home retrofit plan to achieve your goals for your home
  • 🔧 gets them underway with their project: connects homeowners with trustworthy installers, provides a contract, a warranty for the work and a Retrofit Coordinator to oversee the project
  • 📊 monitors energy performance to see how the project has affected your energy and provides annual inspection of any work completed

💸 Mission + Vision

We believe that Furbnow can transform the retrofit and energy efficiency industry and improve the homes of millions in the UK. Our mission is to make every home warm, affordable to run and ready for a heat pump in the future. There is no competitor taking our approach and our vision is to be the go-to place for homeowners to start their journey to low carbon heating.

Job Description

🔧 About the role

Joining Furbnow as Head of Growth is an incredible opportunity to put your skills to practice to have a real impact on delivering the Net Zero agenda.  

As Head of Growth, you will be responsible for leading and implementing Furbnow’s growth strategy. Working directly with the co-founder and CEO, Becky Lane, and co-founder and CTO, Laurence Watson, you’ll drive up customer numbers across each stage of the sales funnel and improve conversion between each step. 

✔️ What your new job will be: 

Own our growth KPIs

  • Set up and dig deep into analytics to understand which acquisition channels perform and which don’t
  • Understand the levers that drive adoption and conversion, come up with experiments that pull the biggest levers and measure improvements

Digital marketing channels

  • Develop customer acquisition strategy across key digital marketing channels and integrate with partnerships implemented by the CEO
  • Implement the growth strategy e.g. create ads and design campaigns across our active marketing channels and set up new channels 
  • Monitor KPIs for each customer acquisition channel throughout the sales funnel and continuously review and improve 
  • Report on KPIs and progress against the strategy to the CEO 

Website and email comms 

  • Manage the site and continuously monitor and develop site content to improve engagement of customers at different stages in the sales funnel
  • Develop email campaigns using our mailing list to engage subscribers at different stages of the sales funnel
  • Manage and improve email comms to customers, this may include advising customer liaison team communications as well as newsletters, etc to improve engagement and conversion through the sales funnel.


  • Work with the CEO on implementing customer acquisition routes with B2B2C partners
  • Work with existing B2B2C customer partners to monitor the performance of the partnership. Reporting may be required to the external partner. 
  • Identify new B2B2C customer acquisition opportunities in collaboration with the CEO to acquire key customer segments in accordance with the growth strategy


  • Collaborate with the CTO and product development team to improve the customer journey through each stage of our service, from the customers initially landing on the website to receiving their plans and moving through to starting a retrofit project. This will mainly involve collecting data and feedback from customers. There will be opportunities to work alongside the CTO and product team on user interviews and testing 
  • Work with the product team to set up and monitor the performance of experiments to test the success of new product features


🔎  We are looking for a smart, ambitious and entrepreneurial hustler based in London, Birmingham or remotely. 

  • Excellent communicator. Need I say more?
  • Ability to work across different verticals (a typical day may start with meetings with a large corporate to explore a B2B2C partnership and finish with a phone call to an insulation installer).
  • Organisation is paramount
  • ...and so are your prioritisation skills
  • Passion! Our goal is nothing less than to transform people’s homes and accelerate home decarbonisation. Passion for moving beyond intention and climate goals into real action is a must!
  • Light-speed learner. Everyday the company is growing and evolving, and so will your role over time. 
  • Be okay with making mistakes. We are all learning and mistakes are the byproduct of doing something new. Making them is part of the journey, but dwelling on them is not
  • Creative pragmatism. Ideas are great, but only if they can be executed

This is a rare opportunity to join an exciting new venture in a booming field with the potential for a significant impact on the UK's climate targets.

Additional Information

What’s in it for you

  • Work at the leading edge for delivering on our carbon targets in the UK by helping homeowners to start their decarbonisation journey 🏠
  • You are helping bring a high-growth startup to life to and execute on our growth ambitions 🚀
  • Work directly with the CEO & CTO to shape and deliver the growth strategy 💁🏻‍♀️
  • Become part of the Founder's Factory entrepreneurial ecosystem & build relationships with industry leaders for life 💙
  • A culture of self-development, continuous growth and radical candour 🙏
  • Opportunity to build a team and develop an exciting growth strategy with Furbnow as we scale 👾

📈 Benefits

  • Salary £55-65k
  • Base salary plus equity
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible working location if desired – Central London or Birmingham

📅 Interview process

  • Initial screening call
  • Competency-based interview 
  • Technical collaborative workshop (1 hour)

If you are as passionate as us about decarbonising people's homes and personal development and are not scared of joining us in the deep end for challenging but meaningful work - then this may just be the role for you! 😉