Strategy Analyst

  • Sir Lowry Rd, Foreshore, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Intern

Company Description

Why we exist

We believe we have been given the grace to support, partner and co-build innovative last-mile solutions with visionary entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving the developmental challenges of underserved communities in emerging markets. 

Who we are

We are an alternative impact investment company. We seek & nurture ideas from Pre-seed stage companies focused on solving global last-mile problems using inclusive tech-enabled business models.

Job Description

Providing excellent hands-on support to our portfolio in designing sound business strategy driven by analytical reports generated from the business, consumer and market data of our portfolio companies.

  1. Applying business strategy frameworks in designing sound business strategy roadmaps for our portfolio companies
    1. Business model design
    2. Value proposition design
    3. Value & supply chain analysis
    4. Our proprietary strategy frameworks
  2. Aligning strategy focus on the development stage of each portfolio company
  3. Preparing Yearly Vision boards and Quarterly OKRs per company and ensuring they are consistently updated
  4. Designing Customer Models for our portfolio companies using Funema’s Customer Segmentation Framework
  5. Analysing macro and socio-economic factors per country across emerging markets and preparing reports showing how they would affect the existence and success of our companies
  6. Evaluating target markets of portfolio companies and preparing Market size and valuation reports
  7. Prepare and run design thinking sessions with our portfolio companies
  8. Collect and store data on portfolio company performance, market research and consumer behaviour across the growth engine of the company
  9. Process and present the data of portfolio companies in Visual reports to the Venture Associate team
  10. Identify trends and patterns in the reports to be applied during strategy design meetings per portfolio company
  11. Design an efficient internal data mining & management system


Job Requirements

  1. Understanding the OKR methodology
  2. Using Business design frameworks
    1. The business model canvass
    2. The lean model canvass
  3. Value proposition design
    1. Start with why by Simon Sinek
    2. Value proposition design canvass
  4. Value chain and industry analysis
    1. Understanding industry verticals 
    2. Understanding backward and forward integration
    3. Understanding production and innovation cycles
  5. Must be able to use agile project management frameworks such as the Kanban board
  6. Must be able to use Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI
  7. Must be proficient in using Google Sheets to create quick data sheets and charts for presentation
  8. You care about underserved communities and are driven internally by a mission to improve their welfare

  9. You have a personal "why" that connects you to what we believe in at Funema

  10. You have a first degree or entrepreneurial experience with the aptitude and willingness to learn quickly

  11. You can effectively work in an independent, structured and results-oriented manner

  12. You are comfortable working remotely and are quick in learning how to use new software and cloud-based technologies

  13. You are open to learning new skills and take on other roles within the organisation

Additional Information

We are a Vector Organisation. 

If you want to join us, you should learn the three principles below that define the fabric of our teamwork. 

Vision Alignment

We ensure our team member's personal vision aligns with our collective vision. This enables exponential passion and effortless motivation

Goal Alignment

Using OKRs, we create transparency on where we are going as a company and how everyone plays a role in getting us there

Operation Alignment

We drive precision in our execution with an agile management and feedback system to align  daily activities with company goals and culture