AVP, Compliance System Governance - Monitoring & Validation - Firco Trust (MAG)

  • Head Office, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Full-time
  • Division: Compliance
  • Sub Division: Compliance Testing, MI & Governance

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Job Description

Job Purpose:

To be part of the Compliance System Monitoring and Validation function team and to achieve below objectives with a focus on Firco Trust deployments across the group:

  1. 1Help in development and implementation of Firco Trust System Governance Framework (Comprehensive framework consisting of automated control processes with a view to prove/validate system performance on a daily basis thereby improving overall control environment and regulatory performance in Firco Trust models) for Firco Trust deployments across the group
  2. Develop programs and automated procedures to deploy the automated controls that constitute the System Governance framework
  3. Monitor and validate system and data architecture performance on a daily basis using control and reconciliation mechanisms deployed as part of the system governance framework
  4. Analyse the impact of system and data failures, develop reports to senior management and oversee design and implementation of remedial measures.
  5. Undertake random control testing on Firco Trust architecture (system + data architecture) on a frequent basis and prepare/execute relevant remedial measures
  6. Undertake periodic assessments of the Firco Trust landscape as per GIA and regulatory expectations

Job Specific Accountabilities

Policies, Systems, Process & Procedures

  • Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures, and instructions so that the work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner
  • Governance of the Firco Trust Landscape
  • Support the development and implementation of the Firco Trust System Governance Framework i.e., a comprehensive framework consisting of Control and validation processes that test production system settings/parameters/configuration/mapping/design attributes against desired system settings/parameters/configuration/mapping/design attributes
  • Develop scripts/programs/code procedures on a range of technology and analytics platforms to support the implementation of the Firco Trust System Governance Framework
  • Monitor the control mechanisms/processes implemented on a daily basis via dashboards, auto-generated reports and ad-hoc script-driven database queries
  • Evaluate the results  of the control mechanisms/processes and in case of failures(IT, system, ETL and data related errors etc.) impact on any/all of the below:

o   Data feeds/ETL pipelines across the entire data architecture (source to Compliance system)

o   Filter performance (algorithms, rules, parameters, data mapping and configuration etc.,)

o   Alert queues

o   Case management and workflow aspects

o   Reporting mechanisms

o   Overall impact of any failures on the Sanctions screening program

  • Develop remediation plans to address the impact caused by any failures and include this in periodic reports to senior management along with proposed remediation plans
  • Oversee the implementation of the remediation plans and perform adequate data and system testing to ensure issues have been correctly remediated
  • Undertake random control testing pertaining to Firco Trust landscape and where deficiencies are found, develop remediation plans and oversee their implementation
  • Develop regular monitoring and validation reports for senior management that outline the below aspects:

o   Results of the automated control processes/mechanisms

o   System/data failures and their impact on the Sanctions screening program

o   Remediation undertaken regarding the failures

o   Validation of remediation undertaken and independent assurance pertaining to the remediation

o   Results of random, independent control-testing

o   Overall performance of the Firco Trust landscape and recommendations to ensure model performance continues to meet requirements

Periodic assessment of Firco Trust landscape and models

  • Using the Firco Trust system governance framework, undertake periodic reviews of the Firco Trust models across the network with a focus on below aspects:

o   Sanctions risk assessment of customer attributes and list selection

o   Source systems and overall data architecture

o   Overall IT governance and adherence to defined SDLC procedures

o   System/scenario configuration and performance

o   Data lineage, mapping and quality

o   Alert adjudication

o   Case management and workflows

  • Based on assessment, submit detailed report to senior management with findings and actionable recommendations

 Specialist development, data analysis and reporting

  1. Undertake development of custom applications/scripts using common data analytics and technology platforms (SQL, Python, R, Alteryx, PowerBI and Tableau etc.) in response to specific requests
  2. Develop custom dashboards to automatically provide updates to senior management using common visualization platforms (PowerBI and Tableau)


  • Assist in producing procedures and processes aligned to Group Policy of new Group TDR function
  • Assist in conducting feasibility studies to assess need for new systems and provide technical inputs during technology vendor selection
  • Assist in exercises such as design and system architecture of compliance related systems by consulting with business users


  • Collaborate with Compliance SMEs to develop Compliance related MI dashboards
  • Develop periodic reporting plan and maintain the schedule and workflow for multiple reports
  • Populate management information dashboards by extracting relevant data from source systems including using logical queries and basic programming
  • Collaborate with Compliance colleagues to obtain information to populate dashboards
  • Submit MI dashboards to team lead for review


 Minimum Qualification

  • Graduate qualifications in economics, computer sciences, mathematics, financial studies, legal, law or business studies preferred. Post-graduate qualifications with a mix of finance, law, economics and computer science majors highly desirable

Minimum Experience

  •  5 to 7 years of experience with European or North American financial institutions, regulators and/or professional services firms with a focus on Financial Crime Technology and Analytics work streams/services
  • Subject matter expertise in FircoSoft Trust
  • Proficiency in coding on SQL, Python and R. Experience in development of reports and dashboards using Power BI/Tableau and/or SSRS
  • Proficient in tuning sanctions screening systems which may involve:

o   Use of data analysis techniques to develop rules, scoring/weighting models, NLP and fuzzy matching techniques

o   Configuration of matching algorithms, develop suppression rules, good guys and stop lists etc

o   Analysis of watch lists/records to identify false positives

  • Extensive experience in data analysis, mining, wrangling and engineering techniques. Extensive experience in SQL and ability to develop stored procedures, write dynamic T-SQL and custom functions etc
  • Experience in developing ETL scripts to extract, transform and load data. Ability to analyze existing scripts and code snippets to optimize them
  • Excellent understanding of IT and system controls and experience in designing controls based on system functionality


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