Director of Talent and Development

  • Arlington, VA, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

George Demetriades has been the Owner/Operator of Chick-fil-A Crystal City since January of 2015. Over the past 4.5 years, he has created a team that feels like family and a culture of camaraderie and warmth. George strives to mentor and develop each team member to their fullest potential. His vision for the restaurant is to provide customers with an excellent meal, quickly and hospitably, while helping team members write the next chapters of their lives. Chick-fil-A Crystal City has been very successful, experiencing significant growth year after year. The secret to their success is that the leadership team enjoys thinking for the well being of their employees and caring for each team member as a whole person. Join this team that puts a high value on having a healthy work culture!

Job Description

Chick-fil-A Crystal City is in need of a Director of Talent and Development to focus on recruiting and retaining top talent and thinking for each team member’s long term well being and development both personally and professionally. This person will come alongside the Owner/Operator to learn the business and carry out the vision of development for each of its members. The Director of Talent and Development will recruit the best and the brightest to a season of growth and intentional development at Chick-fil-A Crystal City. They will also ensure that each team member has the resources they need to meet milestones related to their own success as well as the continued success of the restaurant. 

After recruiting top talent, this leader will facilitate on boarding for new hires and implement the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program, designed to keep each employee on track to reach their full potential. This professional will mentor and coach each employee while creating a sense of unity and teamwork in the restaurant. A successful Director will be self-motivated to see the business thrive, while developing and training the team in a relational way. As the business grows, the opportunity for this leader will grow too. For the right leader, this could be an opportunity to learn the Chick-fil-A business and one day pursue an opportunity to apply for their own Chick-fil-A restaurant. 

Position Key Responsibilities

  • Recruit top talent team members and team leaders
  • Facilitate the on boarding process for new hires 
  • Partner with Operator to co-create the Continuous Development Program (CDP) and implement this program for all team members
  • Assist with the development and implementation of the Team Member Training Program 
  • Engage with each team member around their goals for personal and professional development
  • Partner with the existing Leadership Team of Directors to create a great work environment for each team member
  • Serve as an ambassador for Chick-fil-A Crystal City in the community at various events
  • Meet weekly with the Operator for further development



  • Bachelor’s Degree required 
  • Bilingual, Spanish and English preferred 
  • 3+ years Leadership or Management experience (could be in ministry, sports, business, etc)
  • Passion for identifying people who would fit into the culture well, developing team members, effectively coach and give direction with enthusiasm (Coaching, teaching, counseling skills a plus)
  • Ability to engage with maturity around difficult situations
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


Additional Information


Monday - Saturday Availability | 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM | 40-50 hours per week 

  • Anticipated schedule: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM with occasional work on Saturdays to allow exposure to all team members. Sundays off. 


  • Paid Time Off (PTO): One week of unpaid time allowed in the first year. One week of paid time allowed in the second year. 
  • Health Benefits: Health Insurance available.   
  • Holidays: Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & Sundays. Limited hours on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, and New Year’s Day