Front End Web Developer

  • Solon Rd, Solon, OH 44139, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Findaway is a multi-product, multi-brand company, so our Web Development team supports a wide range of products, helping every team in the business with tools and solutions, both customer-facing and internal. We're a small team that does big things, and we're passionate about building fast, iterating quickly, and keeping up with the latest. Sometimes we have to maintain legacy codebases, but there are also lots of opportunities to build new things from scratch.

Job Description


Findaway is looking for a strong Javascript developer to join our Web Development team as a Web Developer, supporting our product full time. 

The Web Developer will be responsible for interfacing directly with designers, business stakeholders, customer service reps, and our API development team to implement new features and fix bugs. You should be comfortable diving into a problem and talking with different team members to define the best solution/implementation for the presented problem, as well as proactively fixing and prioritizing any other issues you identify on your own. You'll need to think big to propose and implement solutions and architectures that are right for the problem at hand, and be comfortable with iterating quickly. You'll be working side-by-side with other front-end and backend developers, so great cooperation and communication skills are a must.

Codebase is built with React, Redux, React Router, Babel, and Webpack. You should be at least familiar with these tools, ideally with 1+ year of experience. Otherwise, you should have 1+ year of experience with one of these: Vue, Angular, Ember, or Backbone, and be ready to dive head-first into our React codebase.


  • Strong Javascript skills (3+ years experience). ES2015 familiarity is a plus (we use Babel on most projects).
  • 1+ year of experience with at least one of these frameworks: React, Vue, Angular, Ember, or Backbone (React preferred).
  • Experience building data-driven sites that interface bi-directionally with a RESTful API and need to manage application state (not just static marketing sites).
  • Comfortable with Git and Github
  • Familiarity with Redux, Webpack, Babel, Jenkins
  • Proficient writing semantic HTML (JSX).
  • Proficient in translating visual designs (or working side-by-side with a designer) to style a site with CSS (we use SCSS).
  • Bachelor’s degree, or a very strong portfolio

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

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