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Company Description

Finance Focused is a platform that provides  content and resources to help improve the understanding of the financial world for students and young professionals.

Our team is has grown from just 5 people to over 75 people in just 2 years, driven by the popularity of our content and the drive of our team. The majority of the team at Finance Focused are students at top institutions around the world, including  UCL, Imperial, Cambridge, LSE, Toronto, Columbia and many more .

We aim to cover the entire financial landscape, covering all regions globally and all sectors of finance. Some of our popular content includes articles, weekly newsletters, podcast series, M&A reports, stock picks and equity research reports. Our content is accessible to people from all backgrounds, everything is free and easy to understand (even for those new to the world of finance.)

We hope to be the catalyst that encourages a lasting change in the way understand  and interact with the financial world, be it through learning, investing or managing personal finances. We are here to support you.

Job Description

The role of the President is to oversee and manage Finance Focused. They are responsible for ensuring the overall success of the organisation. They will have to produce quarterly reports on Finance Focused, highlighting notable updates and developments. This will require regularly talking to Team Heads and setting up meetings to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Prior experience as a successful leader of a large team is desired, along with demonstrated problem solving skills, the ability to prioritise effectively and manage multiple targets.

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Equity based pay

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