Lead Data Engineer

  • Reston, VA
  • Full-time

Company Description

At Fannie Mae, futures are made. The inspiring work we do makes an affordable home a reality and a difference in the lives of Americans. Every day offers compelling opportunities to modernize the nation's housing finance system while being part of an inclusive team using new, emerging technologies. Here, you will help lead our industry forward, enhance your technical expertise, and make your career.



Job Description

As a valued colleague on our team, you will provide expert advice and guidance to the team regarding the development of data infrastructures and pipelines to capture, integrate, organize, and centralize data while testing and ensuring data is readily accessible and in a usable state, including quality assurance.

The Lead Data Engingeer Associate role will offer you the flexibility to make each day your own, while working alongside people who care so that you can deliver on the following responsibilities:

  • Assess customer needs and intended use of requested data in the development of database requirements and support the planning and engineering of enterprise databases.
  • Maintain comprehensive knowledge of database technologies, complex coding languages, and computer system skills.
  • Lead the team to organize and integrate data into readily available formats while maintaining existing structures and govern their use according to business requirements.
  • Lead the analysis of new data sources and monitoring of performance, scalability, and security of data.
  • Analyze the initial analysis and deliver the user interface (UI) to the customer to enable further analysis.




Minimum Required Experiences

  • 4 years

Desired Experiences

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent


The group of skills related to Risk Assessment and Management including evaluating and designing controls, conducting impact assessments, identifying control gaps, remediating risk, etc.
The group of skills related to Product Testing including testing and evaluating software, usability testing, UAT, and using relevant product testing technology
Skilled in discovering patterns in large data sets with the use of relevant software both on-perm & cloud
Skilled in documentation and database reporting for the purposes of analysis, data discovery, and decision-making with the use of relevant software such as Tableau
Skilled in cloud technologies and cloud computing
Experience using software and computer systems' architectural principles to integrate enterprise computer applications such as, AWS Application Integration,
Determining causes of operating errors and taking corrective action
Experience in the process of analyzing data to identify trends or relationships to inform conclusions about the data
Skilled in creating and managing databases with the use of relevant software such as SQL, Hadoop, or Tableau
The group of skills related to Business Insight including advising, designing business models, interpreting customer and market insights, forecasting, benchmarking, etc.
The group of skills related to Programming including coding, debugging, and using relevant programming languages
The group of skills related to Communication including communicating in writing or verbally, copywriting, planning and distributing communication, etc.
Ability to frame ideas as systems and analyzing the inputs, outputs, and process
The group of skills related to Governance and Compliance including creating policies, evaluating compliance, conducting internal investigations, developing data governance, etc.
Experience helping an organization to plan and manage change in effort to meet strategic objectives
Ability to transform business processes using BPA, RPA, or other technology-enabled automation
The group of skills related to Product Development including designing products, developing product roadmaps, translating design requirements, prototyping, etc.
Skilled in the graphical representation of information in the form of a charts, diagrams, pictures, and dashboards with programs and tools such as Excel, Tableau, or Power BI
Adept at managing project plans, resources, and people to ensure successful project completion
Working with people with different functional expertise respectfully and cooperatively to work toward a common goal


Skilled in SQL

Skilled in Python object-oriented programming
Skilled in TOAD SQL database management tool

Skilled in using UNIX

Skilled in AWS Analytics such as Athena, EMR, or Glue
Skilled in AWS Compute such as EC2, Lambda, Beanstalk, or ECS
Skilled in AWS Database products such as Neptune, RDS, Redshift, or Aurora
Skilled in Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings, development, and networking platforms
Experience using JIRA
Skilled in Jenkins
Skilled in Tableau
Skilled in JSON
Experience using APIs for developing or programming software
Skilled in Data wrangling tools (Tableau Prep/Alteryx )for data analytics applications



Additional Information

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Fannie Mae is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which means we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, personal appearance, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request an accommodation in the application process, email us at [email protected]




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