Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance Coordinator

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Company Description

Fairfax University of America is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) institution committed to setting a new standard in higher education. Through our student-centered approach, we strive to provide the most positive environment for learning available anywhere. Our programs are structured to allow students great flexibility in the design and direction of their own studies. To keep pace with the latest developments in technology and teaching, our curriculum and materials are regularly reviewed and revised, and our instructors receive further training, as necessary.

It is the policy of FXUA to provide equal employment and educational opportunities for all people regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family responsibilities, political affiliation, disability, source of income, place of residence or business, and veteran status. An integral part of this policy is to administer recruiting , hiring, working conditions, benefits and privileges of employment, compensation, training, opportunity for advancement including upgrades and promotion, transfer, and termination of employment including layoff and recall for all employees in accordance with this policy.

Job Description


The Accreditation and Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring internal and external compliance related to all accreditation (institutional and discipline-specific), state certification requirements, and Federal reporting across the institution, as well as ensuring that the institution follows its defined policies and procedure. The individual serves as a colleague-consultant who is a knowledge base for the university on matters related to accreditation and compliance.



  • Provide leadership on accreditation and compliance requirements; advise the university on policies and procedures as they relate to internal and external compliance.
  • Ensure the completion of all reporting requirements for IPEDS, Title IX, and Campus Security reporting; provide leadership on accreditation and compliance requirements; compile and maintain the Campus Effectiveness Plan (CEP) and monitor progress toward meeting the plan; manage and ensure compliance with any program improvement plans as part of the CEP; upon regional accreditation, oversee self-studies and mid-cycle reviews for accreditation, and monitor progress toward meeting the plan.
  • Develop and maintain an auditing program around compliance (QA, compliance, and accreditation) and evaluation (educational assessment); develop and administer training and knowledge modules on compliance and evaluation; develop policies and trainings for other general compliance areas (i.e. equal employment, discrimination, sexual harassment and misconduct, disabilities, fraud, etc.); ensure that regular trainings and updates are provided to the learning community on compliance issues; manage the overall compliance program and all related compliance activities to detect, prevent, and resolve issues related to conduct that fails to conform to applicable accrediting and state laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Assist with communications with accrediting, state, and federal agencies.
  • Collect, review, and advise on standardized handbooks for departments across the university, monitoring accreditation and regulatory needs.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a compliance and risk mitigation program and all related compliance activities to detect, prevent, and resolve issues related to conduct that fails to conform to applicable accrediting and state laws, rules, and regulations. Develop policies and procedures for the university on compliance
  • Identify and assess potential compliance-related risk areas; recommend corrective actions to either minimize or remove identified risks; review, report and monitor the outcomes; assist units in avoiding such vulnerabilities in the future.
  • Maintain a schedule of all compliance related activities across the university and follow-up on completion of these activities with the various units.
  • Take a leading role on the steering committee managing regional accreditation/new accreditation efforts; following successful candidacy, participate in self-study processes and mid-point reviews as well as subsequent reaccreditation processes; assist with institutional and programmatic self-study projects for accreditation/compliance and assist departments in the self-study process.
  • Contribute to the collection and maintenance of institutional-level data, as well as contribute to responding to state, federal, and other externally-mandated reporting requirements.


  • Master’s degree in education, assessment, statistical analysis, or other closely related areas. Ph.D. preferred.
  • Minimum of three years of progressively increasing responsibility working directly in a quality assurance or accreditation role, preferably in a higher education institution with a focus on academic quality.
  • Ability to conduct institutional research to collect, analyze, and report on data (especially analysis of raw demographic and other institutional data, survey research, and conducting focus groups) with sound research-based practices.
  • Direct knowledge of, or experience with, regional/national and programmatic accreditation preferred.
  • Meticulously edit documents possessing a high level of attention to detail is required.
  • Manage complex and highly sensitive materials and to foster a culture of confidentiality.
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to excel in a demanding, outcome-oriented, and dynamic environment with little supervision
  • Creativity and the ability to envision and achieve a positive

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