Floater Manager

  • 27 Hadfield St, Georgetown, Guyana
  • Full-time

Company Description

An outsourcing company dedicated to supplying all of the needs of trucking companies around the globe through the use of experienced support personnel and technology.

Express International started back in 2013 to expand the interests of parent company Express Trucking and Courier Inc. It functions as the first class logistical and transportation services provider to US trucking companies (target market).

In 2004, Express' president decided to purchase one small delivery van, having gained years of experience working for another company in the industry.

Through his vision, hard work and tireless efforts to build a strong network, the company's fleet grew, and other avenues of business were opened up. By the time Express International was established in 2013, the foundation had been set for expansion and consolidation of all processes related to the trucking industry.

As demand increased, the fleet was expanded from courier vans into tractors, then day cab and sleeper trucks to cover more lanes across the East Coast. A dispatch office and truck lot followed suit, and expansion continued steadily as more drivers, lanes and customers continued to come on board.

Job Description


A Floater Manager role requires a flexible and adaptable employee who has the qualifications and skills to perform a variety of different job duties. As a floater, your responsibilities include temporarily covering a position, and you typically pick up shifts as needed. You will between departments.

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES                                 

·         Will be immersed and trained in all areas and departments of the Trucking Operations.

·         Schedule will be plotted based on business needs.

·         Required to be available to fill in a position in the event an employee will be away due to leaves or emergencies.


·         Brokerage

·         Operations Capacity Planning

·         Driver Management

·         Logs, Safety, and Compliance

·         Maintenance


·         Operations Supervision or Management Experience

·         1-2 years’ customers service experience preferred

·         1-2 years Supervisory or Managerial experience preferred 

·         1-2 years’ recruitment experience preferred

·         2 years Diploma or bachelor’s degree preferred

·         Knowledge of previous ads platform

  • 6 successful passes or more at CSEC or equivalent.

·         Excellent computer and administrative skills.

·         A strong work ethic.