Marketing Specialist

  • Hadfield St, Georgetown, Guyana
  • Full-time

Company Description

An outsourcing company dedicated to supplying all of the needs of trucking companies around the globe through the use of experienced support personnel and technology.

Express International started back in 2013 to expand the interests of parent company Express Trucking and Courier Inc. It functions as the first class logistical and transportation services provider to US trucking companies (target market).

In 2004, Express' president decided to purchase one small delivery van, having gained years of experience working for another company in the industry.

Through his vision, hard work and tireless efforts to build a strong network, the company's fleet grew, and other avenues of business were opened up. By the time Express International was established in 2013, the foundation had been set for expansion and consolidation of all processes related to the trucking industry.

As demand increased, the fleet was expanded from courier vans into tractors, then day cab and sleeper trucks to cover more lanes across the East Coast. A dispatch office and truck lot followed suit, and expansion continued steadily as more drivers, lanes and customers continued to come on board.

Job Description

The Marketing Specialist is responsible for all marketing activities within the company. He/she identifies the best strategies to promote the Company’s services, which includes but is not limited to assisting in the development, execution, and measurement of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


· Work with Management and employees from other departments to create useful promotional materials while adhering to brand guidelines.

· Manage Company websites.

· Identify effective marketing and promotional channels, including the media channels to be used to deliver the product message to customers.

· Develop innovative marketing strategies and campaigns and communicate the recommendations to management.

· Create and manage digital media strategies, including engaging content for social media platforms.

· Monitor the performance of the company’s marketing campaigns and strategies by analyzing key performance metrics.

· Prepare performance reports and illustrate findings.

· Gather information about the competition, consumer demographics, and other relevant information that would help a company know its position on the market.


· 5 successful passes or more at CSEC or equivalent.

· Degree in Marketing, or a related field, is preferred.

· Minimum of 3 years' experience in a Marketing role.

· Minimum of 2 years’ experience using Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Premier, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, After effects).

· Creative thinking skills.