IT Application Manager (m/f/d)

  • Full-time
  • Employee Status: Regular
  • Role Type: Hybrid
  • Department: Information Technology & Systems
  • Schedule: Full Time

Company Description

Dicover the Unexpected and Explore Technological Frontiers

At Experian, we navigate the frontiers of technological advancement, embodying "The Five Pillars of Engineering Excellence". Our mission is to deliver transformative products, accelerate innovation, and foster the integration of cutting-edge technology into our core. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, we empower our teams to drive Agile maturity, adopting SRE, DevSecOps, Cloud, and MLOps to optimize productivity and operational excellence. Join us as we explore these frontiers, creating a tomorrow where the unexpected becomes the standard. Together we are #UniquelyExperian

Job Description

We're looking for a solution-oriented IT Application Manager (m/f/d) who thrives on the pulse of technology, is passionate about optimizing business-critical applications, and brings a keen eye for process improvements and problem-solving. As part of our dynamic team, you will play an instrumental role in our journey of technological exploration, pushing the boundaries of innovation, while serving as a vital link between our online applications and their seamless operation.


  • Be the chief steward of our high-availability online applications, ensuring optimal performance in both classic Linux Sys Admin and Amazon Web Services realms.
  • Drive the resolution of 2nd level tickets and escalations as a valuable member of our DevOps team, demonstrating your prowess in troubleshooting and remote analysis.
  • Design cutting-edge operations processes, and initiate robust monitoring and logging solutions using tools like Splunk, Dynatrace, Prometheus, and Grafana or cloud native Monitoring like Cloud Watch.
  • Facilitate the strategic capacity management of the applications, instigating demand, and setup of new resources while providing essential forecasts and demand analyses.
  • Administer and set up new processes in service management tools like ServiceNow, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Be a trusted consultant for all other departments, enhancing the quality and advancement of our applications and infrastructure.

Why this role is important to Experian

At Experian, your work extends beyond a job - it's a meaningful mission that impacts lives globally. You'll have the opportunity to steer your career trajectory in an innovative and supportive environment that values professional growth. With us, you'll find competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and the chance to work on industry-leading projects alongside the best minds in the field. Let your potential thrive with Experian, where we transform passion into impact.


  • You have a degree in (business) informatics or a comparable qualification.
  • You possess professional experience as an IT service manager and are adept with unix/linux-based systems.
  • Cloud experience (AWS, Azure, Google) is a part of your robust skillset.
  • You've configured monitoring systems such as Dynatrace and Prometheus/Grafana.
  • You exemplify a methodical, structured, and independent working ethos, and value teamwork.
  • An agile mindset is deeply ingrained in your work ethics, contributing your innovative ideas to the team's success.
  • Fluent German and English language skills are a part of your global-minded approach.

More about you

You are a detail-oriented and strategic thinker, thriving on challenges that require analytical skills and problem-solving finesse. Your knack for optimizing business-critical applications and your proactive approach to troubleshooting form the backbone of your professional persona.

In the realm of teamwork, you're an invaluable asset, readily sharing your knowledge and learning from others. You're an agile thinker, regularly contributing fresh ideas and driving the team towards success. Your impressive language skills enable you to communicate effectively, fostering collaboration in a diverse workplace.

At your core, you're an innovator, demonstrating a clear understanding of the technological landscape and always staying ahead of the curve. Your contributions will be pivotal to our mission of exploring the technological frontiers and driving Experian towards the future.

Additional Information

Your Uniqueness Powers Our Innovation

At Experian, we believe that innovation is fueled by diversity and the unique talents of our teams. We invest in our talent, nurturing the growth of our people who spearhead initiatives in Machine Learning, AI, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Platform Infrastructure, Full Stack Development, Security, Architecture, and UI/UX Design. Our culture thrives on learning and adapting, inspired by our 'bar raisers' and hackathons. We welcome and celebrate the distinctiveness of every individual, recognizing that our collective uniqueness is the secret behind our innovative prowess. In an Experian Tech Career, your unique contributions will help shape the trajectory of technology and data.

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