Program Manager – Living Model Service

  • Lin Hong Lu, Changning Qu, Shanghai Shi, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

“We’re not in the shipping business; we’re in the information business” -Peter Rose, Expeditors Founder

As a Fortune 500 company, Expeditors employs more than 15,000 trained professionals in a worldwide network of over 300 locations across six continents. Expeditors satisfies the increasingly sophisticated needs of international trade through customized solutions and seamless, integrated information systems. Our services include the consolidation and forwarding of air or ocean freight, customs brokerage, vendor consolidation, cargo insurance, time-definite transportation, order management, warehousing, distribution and customized logistics solutions. Expeditors is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Job Description

Digital Twin technology for the supply chain has been receiving a lot of buzz lately; and for good reason. Imagine if you were a business owner with your supply chain digitally rendered and laid out before you. Imagine being able to change anything you want: suppliers, inventory positions, scale up or down demand, evaluate disruption scenarios. Imagine being able to apply advanced simulation, optimization, statistical analysis, AI, and ML to the supply chain, to support better, faster decision making. That is the future of supply chain management. A future enabled by digital twin technology.

Join the Supply Chain Solutions’ Living Model team as we build a bridge to that better tomorrow; providing customers with digital twin technology as a service, helping them fully understand and ultimately transform their supply chains with confidence – to improve, innovate, and be better prepared for disruption in an increasingly uncertain world.

Summary of Position:

The Supply Chain Solutions group at Expeditors engages with customers in a variety of supply chain design and improvement studies, including network design, transport flow strategy development, deep analytics (descriptive through prescriptive), inventory analysis, and process improvement. This position is specific to the Living Model Service, a subscription-based offering featuring the Living Model, a persistent modeling environment used to create a digital twin of the logistics network that underlies the supply chain.

The Living Model Service team is a rich learning environment that will provide considerable intellectual stimulation, in a highly collaborative environment that will constantly challenge your creativity. You’ll be working in an environment that’s highly collaborative, both internally and with clients.

As a Program Manager on the project team, you will be tasked with leading the Living Model Service focus of the relationship with one or more of our Living Model clients. To be effective, the Program Manager will need to possess tactical and strategic supply chain knowledge and will need to develop a deep understanding of the client’s supply chain.  You’ll use that knowledge and understanding to explore their network and freight flows, through the data, for improvement opportunities.

As a successful Program Manager, you will cultivate fluency with data with keen attention to detail while working closely with the Living Model technical team as they leverage sophisticated supply chain optimization and simulation software to test and either validate or refute the supply chain studies you help to surface and design. It will be your responsibility to ensure that all drivers material to the study are identified and considered, that the results of the study are qualified, and that they are delivered in a comprehensive, concise, and substantively compelling way. The objective is to incent internal and external stakeholders to implement the improvements the studies advocate. You will be the agent of change to drive clients’ supply chains to the next level of excellence.

The Living Model is a cutting-edge technology and Expeditors is leading the industry by bringing it to market. This is an opportunity to be part of an exciting new offering.

Key Responsibilities:

1.    Develops a thorough understanding of the client’s business and supply chain. Works closely with internal or external account owners to identify, frame, and execute supply chain studies to drive continuous improvement and innovation. Must develop in-depth knowledge of the situation so that the current process can be appropriately modeled, and solutions developed. This requires critical thinking and effective communication skills not only to extract information and understand it, but also to present ideas and solutions in an easy-to-understand way.

2.    Leverages substantial amounts of complex data, both quantitative and qualitative. Must understand what the data means and how to increase its integrity to analyze both the current situation and alternate scenarios. Must be able to map data flows into and out of the modeling environment.

3.    Effectively understands the use of modeling, optimization and simulation tools used by the technical team executing the studies that you and the team design.Work closely with technical team to test modeling results to ensure that the product that is delivered to the customer is comprehensive, concise, and accurate.

4.    Prepares presentation materials that ‘tell the story’ of the study in an efficient and effective manner to key internal stakeholders and clients.

5.    Understands internal and client feedback and incorporates changes to the model or presentation.

6.    Own the study from beginning to end, providing a seamless and fully featured experience for the client.


1.    Experience in working directly with clients at high levels within the client organization, and familiarity with the nuances associated with supplier-customer relationships.

2.    Experience in working with hard (quantitative) and soft (qualitative) data to prepare it for the modeling environment, so that it can be fully exploited in the development of a comprehensive baseline or solution.

3.    Demonstrates advanced skills in Microsoft Access and/or SQL Server (or other database/language).

4.    Experience in technical writing preferred.

5.    Experience with supply chain modeling software or concepts preferred.

6.    Must have a proven track record of presentation and interpersonal skills.

7.    Experience with Visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI, SAS, etc.).

8.    Must be able to work independently as well as in collaborative groups.

9.    Must be an effective listener and communicator.  These qualities are essential to making models and solutions realistic and that will solve the problem at hand.

10.  Must be willing and able to accept questioning and constructive criticism of work output.

11.  Attention to detail: ensure that all aspects of a study are considered and that all outputs from the study ‘make sense’.

12.  Must be willing and able to work in an environment where the following cultural elements are highly valued: Appearance, Attitude, Confidence, Curiosity, Excellence, Integrity, Pride, Resolute, Sense of Humor, and Visionary.


Bachelors of Science in Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Systems Engineering or Applied Mathematics/Sciences, Supply Chain Management, or other related degree with relevant work experience. Master’s degree preferred

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