Public Relations Intern

  • New Hwy 96 W, Nashville, TN, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Founded in the beginning of 2020, we here at Bolt recognized a need for there to be different marketing strategies to acquire consistent standards for different industries. Marketing is definitely not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and we strived to implement that into our approaches. We have made it our mission to align ourself with organizations that strive to better the communities around us — such as various non-profits, charities, and/or health savings organizations. 

Job Description

We are seeking a Public Relations Intern٫ who is full of creative ideas and eager to contribute on a large scale. The intern will gain visibility into the inner workings and aspects of the public relations field٫ provide concrete deliverables and learn from top to bottom. When the internship is completed you will be ready to enter any fast paced PR firm.

Salary range: $40000 - $50000 per year.


  • Doing researches.

  • Coordinating and attending events.

  • Using various social networks.

  • Communicating and building rapport with clients.

  • Performing administrative duties.

  • Following through with company’s PR strategies.


  • Dedicated within this area.

  • Computer savvy and familiar with social networking.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Effective communication skills.

  • Pursuing a degree  in Marketing٫ Communications or a related field.

Additional Information

  • The Role Is Not Remote
  • Employee Assistance Program