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  • Corso Castelfidardo, Torino TO, Italy
  • Part-time

Company Description


Evo is a startup at the forefront of the global retail technology revolution.

We develop artificial intelligence with granular, accurate data-driven customer choice models that help our clients make better automated decisions.

Our use cases include product pricing, promotion, forecast and replenishment. We start with academic research, then build data science software, and finally dedicate human support to our clients; targeting a sustainable client value creation, with a ‘can-do’/’whatever it takes’ mindset: a caring meritocracy.

We serve clients all over the world in multiple languages, for example in the retail and fashion sectors, from our London (UK) and Turin (ITA) offices with 30+ people.

Job Description

Type of data we typically process:

Retail transaction and inventory data, nothing different from your typical relational data
Up to 2 billion rows in fact table per client, each client segregated into separate db and pipeline
SQL Server 2017 Enterprise on-premise with up to 1TB ram and 80 cores per machine, broadly separate and dedicated per client
Process overview:

Today we use SSIS for data processing, and the windows server scheduler to trigger SSIS
typically, SSIS loads text files from an (S)FTP location, then there is a 'phase 1 preprocessing' to make the source file map to 'our standard inputs' (e.g. because clients may not be able to map out exactly to our requirements, or because our requirements are not clear enough)
after this, a 'phase 2' standardised set of packages loads this data into our production SQL Server, for later use by business users

At present, several development opportunities appear to exist on 'phase 2', ignoring phase 1 for now:

1. Refactor the existing packages, to 'achieve more with less' i.e. reduce the amount of code, increase modularity, use more elegant approaches
2. Document the inputs, so that these BECOME the actual requirement to our clients, as opposed to the current 'DEP' (data exchange protocol) that is based on a 'common approach' not necessarily linked to phase 2 requirements
3. Write the (new) connectors to plug our system into the main ERP systems, de facto doing the 'phase 1' work for them (or at least greatly accelerating it)

We need an expert to help with the above. Initially per-hour (e.g. refactoring) then potentially becoming long-term team member.



• Individual freelancer(s) with demonstrable years in ETL process development work, using Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools, with deep and thorough hands-on use of SSIS

• Experience with various components of SQL Server (administration, configuration, performance tuning)

• Experience in SQL and database tuning skills for relational platforms

• Strong inter-personal and communication skills in English (or Italian), including the ability to instruct and explain technical processes

• Max 24hrs response time, with constant communication in English for mutual feedback

• Availability to answer our screening questions and run an initial paid trial project for this selection.

Additional Information


• Prompt payments and transparent, positive feedback for your professional development

• Our young, dynamic and inclusive team: a professional but fun experience

• Flexible schedule working where/when you prefer

• Ability to grow your level of responsibility and potentially become part of our long-term team

• Growth opportunities within our merit-driven culture of investing in our staff.

We are an ambitious hard-working team, offering unparalleled opportunities: looking for a great fit with passionate people. Our remote contractors are vital to our team success and we expect that they align to our values, practices with all the benefits and responsibilities that this implies.

SELECTION PROCESS REQUIREMENTS (please address each point in your cover letter)

After answering our job post, and addressing the questions, we will:

• Screen candidates within 2-3 day max, based on the answers alone

• Offer an initial $50 fixed price job to 2-3 top shortlisted candidates

• Hire on an hourly rate, with screen-capture time tracking, no manually inputted time permitted

• Offer the optional potential for long-term work, based on mutual fit.

Please! Before we ‘hire’, DO NOT:

• reach out by email

• send private messages

• connect on Linkedin.

We take great pride in our hiring process treating it very seriously. We want to ensure a fair outcome for all candidates applying and as such, we only interview in person and connect AFTER the successful completion of the initial $50 job. Please save any effort from marketing outreach, which would be wasted and follow the instructions above instead!

Initial $50 job:

Reviewing our current packages and provide 3-5 ideas around them. We'll make these available as download without need to get any special addition.

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