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Company Description

Epoch Games is a volunteer-based, all-online, global game development team. We have no centrally-located headquarters and are unincorporated at this time. Most of the original founding members were modders developing the total conversion Middle Earth Roleplaying Project (MERP) mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:

Currently Epoch Games is developing The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order (LoA:SO). LoA:SO is an in-development indie open-world RPG set in an original fantasy world. The game is being developed using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 (UE4):

For more information about the game, please check out our IndieDb page:

NOTE: The address listed is N/A. We are a fully-online team with no central headquarters at this time. Communication is mostly done via Slack (an instant messaging application) and Trello (an online project collaboration tool).

Job Description

In this volunteer position you will be assisting with team recruitment and introductory interviews for the Epoch Games Development Team. To go into more detail:

  • Reviewing applicants through our open positions on our Job Aggregator websites, and seeking out other such sites to post job ads: SmartRecruiters, AngelList and others
  • Assisting with introductory interviews through Skype (no webcam or microphone: all of our interviews, and team communication for that matter, do not require either)
  • Advertising our game to third-party communities (for the purposes of recruitment)

Communication is key to this job title: you must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with other team members as well as the public community for our game. You also should not be afraid to ask any questions should any problems arise. We are an English-speaking team, so English fluency is an absolute must.

If you are comfortable with teaching, you may be called upon to aid the more junior members of the team in any relevant area.

Other duties include: attending Slack meetings (Slack is an instant messaging we communicate with); completing monthly reports; and following team policies.

This is a volunteer position, so no monetary compensation is being offered.

    Additional information

    Required Software:

    • Unreal Engine 4 (


    Minimum Requirements: 

    • Previous experience with job recruitment and interviewing
    • Fluent English Writing
    • Online communication and Team-collaboration skills

    Optional Requirements:

    • Previous experience with public relations and community management
    • Previous experience with social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Discord

    Additional Information

    Required Software:

    • Slack
    • Skype