Process Engineer Intern - Summer '23

  • Intern

Company Description

EnPower, Inc. is a privately-held company commercializing next-generation Li-ion batteries that have fast-charging and long cycle-life abilities—critical enablers to the mass electrification of vehicles. Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, we have capacity to produce hundreds of megawatt hours annually. We are passionate about what we do, and are looking for high-voltage, high-ampere individuals to join our team!

Job Description

EnPower is always interested in bringing on proactive and passionate individuals through its internship opportunities. We view it as a great way to invest in young, energetic, world-class talent early on, and as a direct pipeline into full-time roles within the company. As a multi-disciplinary team commercializing critical technologies for electric mobility and other markets, EnPower's technical breadth encompasses materials science at the nanoscale, process optimizations at the micro-scale, manufacturing hardware engineering on the macro-scale, electrical engineering for integrated systems, software engineering for sample tracking, and more! We're an execution-focused team with rapidly evolving needs, and thus we gravitate towards versatile, "roll-your-sleeves-up" type engineers.


  • Develop an understanding of process conditions inside pilot-scale roll-to-roll coating equipment that can be applied to production-scale equipment
  • Optimize drying conditions of pilot-scale electrode productions to achieve favorable electrochemical and mechanical properties
  • Define, perform root cause analyses, and document drying defects
  • Contribute to the optimization of electrode coating processes to increase quality, yield, and throughput


  • Working towards a B.S. (sophomore, junior, senior), or M.S. in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or other engineering discipline
  • Familiar with heat & mass transfer concepts
  • Experience performing research & development work – performing literature searches/reviews, designing and conducting controlled experiments, data analysis, and reporting
  • Knowledge in Li-ion batteries (chemistry or manufacture) preferred, but not required

Additional Information


  • Motivated, independent, and capable of life-work integration
  • Appreciate that our mission, Building Better Batteries, is a tool to help us build a better product, drive a strong culture, and raise a resilient company.
  • Ability to work in a diverse, intellectually challenging, and rapid-paced team.
  • Must love dogs.
  • Dates: May – mid-August 2023 • 40 hours per week