C++ / Rust Systems Engineer

  • Heliosstraße 6A, 50825 Köln, Germany
  • Full-time

Company Description

Did you know that industrial machinery is utilized only 30-40% on average and when being used 5-10% is scrap production thus wasting resources, energy and time? We aim to change that by bringing data-driven technologies to the shop floors of the world, reducing industrial waste, improving production quality, enhancing machine utilization and automating machine operation.

One of the main motivations for us to start ENLYZE was to build a company we all enjoy working for, take ownership and have an inclusive culture valuing open communication, collaboration across all fields, personal growth, and creativity to solve challenging problems (we’re not perfect, but aspire to become all the time).

Job Description

Manufacturing is one of the remaining sectors without truly digital and automatized operations. A lack of data accessibility is the key obstacle to the adoption of new technologies in manufacturing. Addressing these issues with our technology, we at ENLYZE are at the frontier of a changing industrial landscape, where we capture real-time manufacturing data in a structured way from an increasing amount of different PLC manufacturers.

At the very beginning of our data pipeline sits our SPARK, which you might nowadays call an edge device. It is responsible for reading out the various data sources on the shopfloor. We operate in a heterogeneous market, where closed source is common and every PLC vendor tries to establish its own protocol. Therefore one of the major ongoing efforts is connecting to all of these data sources.


Your key responsibility will be to work towards our vision to democratize shop floor data in order  to deliver insights and services across different business units. In a day-to-day context, this will involve:

  • Identifying key PLCs and peripheral devices for a target vertical
  • Exploring approaches to read out these devices.
  • Dissecting these devices and building protocol implementations
  • Integrating the protocol implementation into the core spark software written in Rust


You will be joining our systems engineering team and in case you’re wondering - you will be in good company: 

You will be working alongside Colin, one of the core contributors to ReactOS, an open source Windows reimplementation (started back in the 90s already) and Reinhard, who loves the analog side of hardware design, but happens to be a C++ professional as well and has a deep understanding of the Win32 API.


A couple of boxes to tick

  • First and foremost: you’re passionate about (building) tech
  • If you haven’t fallen in love with it already, you have at least tinkered around with Rust for some time now
  • You have a broad experience with one systems language such as C, C++ or similar
  • You get goosebumps when you hear “Ghidra”
  • You aren’t afraid of debuggers and know how to put them to work
  • You know your way around wireshark and know your way around network protocols

Icing on the cake

  • Open source contributor
  • Experience with Windows systems
  • Some experience with building hardware
  • Previous experience with PLCs / industrial control systems

Additional Information

Perks of working with us

  • a fast-paced environment with meaningful work, becoming part of changing the way humankind manufactures
  • working together with a curious, talented and open-minded team where ideas matter over job titles
  • learning and growing together, which means time and budget for professional development such as attending conferences, access to online courses, books etc.
  • a feedback-seeking culture that fuels personal growth
  • a stake in ENLYZE through ESOP, we find it important that everyone of us has a real share of the company
  • free choice of hardware and OS, we believe you know best what you need to perform best
  • flexible working hours as well as home office
  • a creative working environment in the heart of Cologne-Ehrenfeld
  • regular team lunches (at least in times before Corona)
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