C++ Senior Lead Developer

  • 160 R. St Viateur Est, Montréal, QC H2T 1A8, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description


E.D. FILMS is a Montreal-based boutique animation studio. From short and long linear films, VR, immersive experiences for galleries and museums, to plug-ins, technical creation tools, and digital products, our talented team treats every one of our projects with creativity, expertise, and thoughtfulness while we drive it to high-quality completion. We want our creative projects to inspire and our technical tools to empower others to make and tell their own stories.

E.D. FILMS is proud to be an equal opportunity and inclusive employer. We pride ourselves on being an artist-driven, forward-thinking, technically savvy, diverse team. We are critical and concerned about the world around us and careful to choose projects that reflect our values and company culture.

We are open, warm, casual, occasionally hilarious, and enjoy each other’s company (mostly) while also being driven high-achievers who care deeply about our work. We support, challenge, and help each other learn and grow. We put the talents of the team at the heart of what we do.

Job Description


An experienced software developer, enthusiastic about creating tools for artists. Clean code is your bread and butter, managing its quality is your passion. You appreciate VR/AR, animation, gaming and art in its many forms. You are passionate about creating tools for artists, or artistic expression, and you are intimately familiar with content creation tools and pipelines, such as Blender, Maya, or Houdini. You are keen to collaborate with our technical teams to push the boundaries of current technology. You might also have a knack for music.

Your designs are visionary. You can take a project and run with it, delegating new tasks and taking initiative to propel a project forward. You communicate clearly and often, with other developers, UI designers, project leaders, stakeholders and anyone else you collaborate with, in order to support the project vision and inform strategies.

You will bring your expertise to the table and lead the development of an artist-driven performance tool – working closely with other talented members of our team.


Reporting to the CCTO/Art + Tech Director, you will be the Senior Lead Developer for the PPRAS real-time animation tool, leading a small (but growing) team of programmers and technical artists to research, prototype and ship a new real-time animation tool for artists.


  • Leading a team of programmers.
  • Creating a new artist-oriented application, using the open-source Godot Game Engine platform and C++.
  • Coding in C++, Python and the Godot Game Engine’s GDscript language, in a Windows development.
  • Extending and maintaining our internal version of Godot.
  • Collaborating closely with the project leader.
  • Steering the vision and direction of key project initiatives, such as which software tools and technology to use.
  • Plan and execute software architecture.
  • Maintain the git repository, help define the commit protocol and git branch structure, and oversee the project code layout.
  • Perform code reviews, validate git merges, assist in developing unit tests, and help ensure the high quality and consistency of the shared code base.



  • Bachelor of Software Engineering or Bachelor of Computation Arts and Computer Science 
  • Experience with game or VR development, experience with real time animation or MoCap/performance capture pipelines
  • Fluent in C++
  • Fluency in Python is an asset
  • Experience with Godot Game Engine is an asset
  • Strong understanding of 3D graphics and linear algebra
  •  Interest in apps for creating animation, such as Blender, C4D, or Houdini.
  • Enthusiastic about node-based workflows, such as those found in MAX/MSP, Houdini or Unreal Blueprints
  • Interest in audio recording tools, such as Ableton Live or AudioMulch, is also an asset.
  • Experience developing for VR is an asset
  • Experience with audio recording tool development is an asset.
  • Technical animator experience is an asset
  • Stays abreast of technological advances in real-time animation, VR, performance capture, and production techniques


Additional Information

40 hours/week; permanent employment

Permanent employees at E.D. FILMS enjoy:

  • a minimum of 10 days of annual vacation plus some December paid days off
  • group benefits including medical, paramedical and dental
  • sick days
  • a warm, flexible work environment