• 3030 Bd Jean-Jacques-Cossette, Val-d'Or, QC J9P 6Y6, Canada
  • Full-time

Job Description

For many, being a heavy equipment operator at EACOM Val-d’Or would be the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Basically, your job is to operate actual big machines to unload log trucks, transport wood, feed the plant from the lumber yard, and lots of other cool stuff like that. On top of that, you work as part of a team with other friends (operators) who also operate heavy machinery. Just imagine that!

If you grew up with little yellow shovel trucks and could spend hours shoveling anything while making engine noises with your mouth... we understand.  But if, on top of this, you’ve operated real heavy machinery, come see us at EACOM. We can help you get serious. The team is waiting for you!

Based in the northern regions of Ontario and Québec, our mills do more than just process wood, they improve our communities.

What you’ll be doing in practical terms:

  • Feeding 10-foot logs, debarked or not, to the bucking mill using available machinery
  • Unloading the log trucks
  • Feeding the mill by transporting wood from the yard to the mill
  • Emptying the reject bins and sorting the logs according to our quality standards
  • Working as a team with other heavy equipment operators
  • Levelling out the yard
  • Performing all other related tasks... obviously.

Your profile in order to succeed with us:

  • Independent and responsible
  • Available and patient
  • Good with your hands and meticulous
  • Good spatial perception and visual-motor coordination
  • Willing to learn (you must commit to successfully completing on-the-job training)
  • Health and safety conscious


The kind of experience that will serve you well:

  • Positive assessment of the skills and abilities required for the position
  • Minimum 6 months of experience as a heavy equipment operator (loader, mobile shovel, clamp-on wheel loader, forklift, etc.).

Additional Information

At EACOM, we’re here for you.

EACOM supports employment equity. Diversity is not only welcome, it’s encouraged! We’ll contact you if you are selected for an interview. If you need special accommodations, let us know. Any information you send us will be treated with respect and confidentiality. Gender diversity is also important. Know that women are definitely welcome!

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