Data Engineer, Data Platform Team (100% remote-friendly within Poland)

  • Full-time

Company Description

Welcome to the good side of tech 👋


You might have heard about us, but with a different name: ZnanyLekarz. It all started 10 years ago, when we asked ourselves: is anyone in healthcare thinking about patients? We jumped in and we empowered patients by giving them access to leave and read reviews about their visit. We then provided doctors with the technology to manage bookings easily and save time, so they could devote themselves to what they always wanted: treating patients. And today is the day in which we ask you: wanna join us in the next step of making the healthcare experience more human?


Docplanner at scale

We are leaders in 13 countries so far, and more than 90 million patients trust us every month. 300.000+ specialists believe in us and our product, and so do leading venture capital funds such as Point Nine Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and One Peak Partners. And yet, employing over 2.500 people all over the globe, we managed to keep the startup-mindset we started with over 10 years ago.

How does Docplanner Tech fit here?

At Docplanner Tech we are a diverse group of over 400 people working in Engineering, Data, and Product teams. We are responsible for building the product for all locations. Many of us have been here for over 5 years, yet we still welcome each new person with great joy and excitement.

We could tell you about us, but we will let our reviews on Glassdoor speak for themselves. In case you’d like to see how it feels to be 100% yourself at work, here’s a video of us


And why should you join us?

Because it feels good to tell your family and your friends how you made the world a little bit better. You go to bed knowing that what you do matters, and that your talents align with your beliefs.

We want to make the healthcare experience more human, and that starts with you being you. We believe that taking the diversity of human experience into account makes a better healthcare experience for all . We’re not just different: we embrace diversity. We will encourage you to come to work your whole self, and that includes not coming to the office at all if you prefer not to, as we're 100% remote friendly.

Job Description

And why is it so important that you are a part of our mission?

Because we believe that you, as Data Engineer will be a part of the Data Platform Team where decision-making support begins. We share the experiences of data engineers, data-warehouse engineers, ML ops and a project manager to bring software development standards to the analytics world. We are here because we know for a fact that data is crucial to make the healthcare experience more humane.

The Data Platform Team is more than a central hub for analytical data across the company: we are responsible for ensuring that every team has the data and tools they need. We also serve analytics teams across the whole company, and we collaborate to bring the best insights to life together.

What does the role of a Data Engineer do?

  • Work in the Data Platform Team and cooperate closely with other engineering, product, and data teams.

  • Integrate data sources and optimize data processing.

  • Develop our infrastructure in close cooperation with Platform & Reliability engineers.

  • Work alongside analysts in making data experience more human.


What skills and experiences do we want you to have?

  • Terms such as [“data ” + elem for elem in [“warehouse”, “lake”, “orchestration”,  “engineering”]] are the bread and butter of your experience.

  • Good Python & SQL skills with good coding practices.

  • Strong experience with cloud technologies and data pipelines (ie. Airflow).

  • Experience with cloud computing platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure).

  • Good Docker skills and hands-on experience with Kubernetes.

  • You are an excellent analytical thinker and possess problem-solving skills.

  • Very good command of English (both spoken and written).

Which skills are ‘bonus points’?

  • Familiarity with various big data and DevOps stuff (Kafka (Strimzi), Spark, Helm, Terraform).

  • Experience in CI/CD for the data environment.

  • Experience in testing for data processing.

  • ML models operationalization (ie. in Docker, Kubernetes).

Additional Information

Let’s talk money

  • A salary adequate to your experience and skills.The range is broad so that we can accommodate our roles for all levels of experience, but we will show you the career ladder to explain where we see your skills and impact within the company". Your salary will be, now and always, 100% transparent to you;

  • For B2B contract: between 12.500 and 19.500 pln net monthly

or company cost equivalent on employment contract


True flexibility and work-life balance

  • Remote or hybrid work model with or hub in Warsaw;

  • Flexible working hours (fully flexible, as in most cases you only have to be on a couple of meetings weekly);

  • 21/26 days of paid time off (depending on your contract);

  • Additional paid day off on your birthday or work anniversary (you choose what you want to celebrate).


Health comes first 

  • Private healthcare plan with Signal Iduna for you and subsidized for your family. 

  • Multisport card co-financing for you to have access to sports facilities across Poland. 

  • Access to iFeel, a technological platform for mental wellness offering online psychological support and counseling. 


Keep growing with us

  • Free English classes.


Important: Docplanner Tech is an international English-first company. Therefore, please be sure to send your CV in English


We promote and embrace equal opportunities in our hiring process, and also every day at work. When you apply for our roles you receive equal treatment regardless of age, disabilities, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or parental status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or any other dimension of human difference.  If you require additional support in your recruitment process, we kindly encourage you to let us know. Behind those words you’re reading, there’s a person (hi!) who already helped a candidate by adapting the interviews, and now we’re lucky to have this person with us. So, even if you’ve never asked for it before, may this serve as a sign that, now, you can do so. We can only truly be equal if we adapt to each other.

“We believe all humans, in all their beautiful diversity, should have equal rights, dignity and respect. Period.” Mariusz Gralewski,  CEO

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