Strategic Project Manager (AI)

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Company Description

Welcome to the good side of tech 👋

You might have heard about us, but with a different name: Doctoralia. It all started 10 years ago, when we asked ourselves: is anyone in healthcare thinking about patients? We jumped in and we empowered patients by giving them access to leave and read reviews about their visit. We then provided doctors with the technology to manage bookings easily and save time, so they could devote themselves to what they always wanted: treating patients. And today is the day in which we ask you: will you join us in the next step of making the healthcare experience more human?

Docplanner at scale

We are leaders in 13 countries so far, and more than 90 million patients trust us every month. Almost 300.000 specialists believe in us and our product, and so do leading venture capital funds such as Point Nine Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and One Peak Partners. And yet, employing over 2.700 people all over the globe, we managed to keep the startup-mindset we started with over 10 years ago.


Job Description

We’re looking for the Strategic Projects Manager (AI) to help speed up joint efforts of our global AI Area, and Italy operations. The team is focused on exploring ways of using AI technologies for the benefit of patients, doctors, and clinics. We benefit both from being part of an established company as well as acting as an independent startup.

We understand both possibilities of current technologies, and the needs of patients and doctors, staying in close contact with them. We validate ideas and build Proofs of Concepts, MVPs, and scalable solutions. We make sure they deliver value to the end users. 

The Strategic Projects Manager is going to work a lot together with central and local teams but should be also open to rolling up their sleeves and delivering the work alone, especially talking to customers directly, analyzing data, and running tests and experiments.                                   

The role reports directly to VP New Ventures/Head of AI. 

You will be responsible for:

  • co-building new AI-focused ventures, and products inside an already fast-growing company, from an idea to initial scale,

  • co-creating the concept, validating it, improving, and scaling cooperating with the rest of the cross-functional AI area team (developers, UX, business dev people) and the local team in Italy (customer success, marketing),

  • testing business ideas in real life, executing the experiments, both in digital/online product space, and business offering (ie entering new markets, testing new products for existing markets),

  • talking to potential partners, customers, users + onboarding initial groups of them + gathering feedback from them,

  • analyzing product usage, customers feedback, and providing insights and ideas based on them,

  • running experiments with AI/LLM tools and providing recommendations.



What experience and skills do you need to do great at this position? 

  • are an interdisciplinary entrepreneur,

  • have a high level of energy, ownership and strong communication skills,

  • have 2+ years of relevant experience (e.g. project management, customer success, product management, research), ideally in a high-growth environment (tech experience is a plus),

  • are the masterminds of numbers! Excellent in analyzing, and synthesizing product usage data to provide actionable insights,

  • are “Hands on” with ability to adapt quickly to a fast-paced working environment + you’re able to switch between strategic high-level thinking and hands-on operational work,

  • possess excellent project management capabilities - you are organized, systematic and detailed with a focus on results,

  • have experience in analyzing customers’ pains and needs, validating hypotheses, running market experiments, scoping product/service, setting a go-to-market strategy, and really taking a product to the market,

  • You are native Italian and can communicate in English (B2+).


It would be also a plus if you: 

  • have expertise in the digital marketing field (or at least interest in it) in preparing strategies / conducting marketing campaigns for small businesses,

  • you worked with AI, ML projects, 

  • have experience working with LLM-based solutions, know their pros and cons, and worked with various prompting techniques.

  • are located in Rome or Bologna region



PS. Even if you do not meet all of our expectations, but you have the startup mindset and want to grow, then please send us your CV - we will be happy to take a look :)

Additional Information


In this role, you'll be reporting to Karol Traczykowski, VP New Ventures (currently on AI).

This is a role on the Global Docplanner Team.

Process of getting to know each other (preliminary)

  • First conversation with Ainhoa Hameeuw our Global Talent Partner
  • SHL assessment (a numerical reasoning assessment - standard practice for our hires)
  • Interview with Karol Traczykowski your manager in this role
  • Business Case
  • Interview with Luca Puccini
  • References and offer

Your benefits joining us in Italy:


  • Employee Share Options Plan after 6 months of cooperation

  • 21 paid days off per year + 4 annual days of EX Festivities + additional 36 hours per year for the third and fourth year of service that become 72 hours per year from the fourth year onwards

  • Private Medical Insurance ( only for indefinite contract)

  • Equipment needed for work on request (e.g.: laptop, phone, etc.)

  • After 60 workdays in the company: ticket restaurants - 8 euros per day (21/22 tickets per month). It depends on the work day for each month

  • Smart Working

We're excited to hear from you soon!

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